Atlantik překonán ? Nebo jde jen o předčasný aprílový žertík ?

As reported by N2PIG below, at 16.March has been Atlantic ocean overcomed on 144 MHz with use of WSJT digital mode. Alex used 400 W RF in antenna only and he made succesfull QSO over 3000 km QRB. When we will have more information we will publish them immediately.
I hope, that it is not just stupid hoax.


PS: Personaly I would prefere tropo QSO as the "right overcome". Unfortunately he did not installed his rig last autumn, when was extraordinary opportunity make a classic tropo QSO. (See more info here.)


From: "OK1VVW"
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2002 8:48 AM\par > > Subject: [VKV-KLUB] na 2m přes Atlantik
Dle této zprávy byl na 144 Mhz překonán Atlantik.
73 Honza ok1vvw

This is Alex, N2PIG.
Three weeks ago,I went to eastern Newfoundland, CANADA, to establish a high
power 2M & 70Cm Station , with the intent of working my XYL, Debra, VA3PIG,
in Europe.
The next week, my XYL and I  traveled to western IRELAND, where we
established a similar station, mindful of the 26dBW-at-Antenna limit.
Last week I returned to my Newfoundland portable, leaving my XYL, in
IRELAND, at IO41vs.
On Saturday night, 16 March, 2002, I "flipped the switches" on, at the
Canadian Station.
In the last five days, Debra & I  have been communicating across the
Atlantic Ocean, at an approximate Great Circle Distance of 1890 miles/ 3000
kilometers, on 2 Meters, using WSJT!!!
St. Patrick's Day, Sunday, we managed an exchange of Call Signs.
On Tuesday, yesterday, we completed an full exchange, in less than four
Today, in the early morning, we exchanged the salutations: "God Bless
America", from Newfoundland, and a partial "Greetings from Ireland".
Full details of the event will be available in a Web-Site, we are soon to
construct...It was a few years in dreaming, planinng, and training for this
DXPedition, and still Mr. Murphy accompanied us. However, we were well
prepared for him, and he was most co-operative, in the end.
Debra has now dis-assembled her station and has begun her journey back to
Canada, where I shall rendezvous with her, in Toronto, late Thursday.
I now invite European Amateurs, using WSJT, on 2 Meters, who think they have
a reasonable chance at a QSO with me, in GN38mb, to be the next persons to
"cross the Atlantic".
>From 23Z this evening to 06Z in the morning, I am prepared to work any EU
Stations who wish to try.
I shall be simplex on 144.2 Mhz USB, using North American default.
If you wish a SKED, pse e-mail me at
I will check for mail between 2215-2230Z.
Regrettably, at 06Z, I must knock-down the P/VO1 station, for transport.
Therefore, this is your only "window of opportunity" to work me at Old
Perlican, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland, CANADA.
Let's hope the rocks ionize well, tonight.
Best Luck & Great DX!!!
Alex, P/VO1/N2PIG


----- Original MAt 03:46 21.03.02 -0800, you wrote:
>de Steady Won <>
>is this the only list where the 'pig trans-atlantic
>qso has been announced or discussed?  the details seem
>a bit queer and would like to know more before
>challenging it.  more information please!
 Hi folks,
 Last night, Mar 20th, 02 at 2134UTC, N2PIG's (Alexander Dutkewych)
 mail arrived at my provider's server. I downloaded and read his note
 at around 2210UTC (that's the same note that I later forwarded to
 to the <Meteor-scatter>, <144mhzeu> and <HSMS> internet mailing
 reflectors, as well as to the <vhf@eu> board of the packet radio net).
 Frankly, I was more than sceptical, an expedition of that big a
 dimension, finished with an even bigger success, run by a husband-and-
 wife-team ? I checked Alex's call with <> (turned out okay),
 then checked weather condx in Newfoundland ( turned out okay, too).
 Still not convinced, and considering that it was turning close to
 midnight on a workday in Europe, I decided not to forward Alex's
 message... - and then the phone rang - with an excited Alex, N2PIG
 on the far end.
 He basically confirmed the contents of his message, and, yes, he's
 on site in Newfoundland right now, waiting for some pings from Europe,
 and they've kept the preparations for and the fact of the DXpedition
 "very, very secret". He said that they've shot a lot of pictures and
 there will be a website later.
 So I then hurried to forward his note to the mail reflectors and to
 packet radio, hoping that at least a couple of hams over here would
 read it and try to get into contact with him, despite of short notice
 and late hour.
 Wonder who did ?
 I haven't heard of Alex since, guess, he's in Newfoundland taking
 down his station or is on his way back to Pulteney/NY.
 Let's hope for a nice website with pics  - and a nice wav-file !!
 To all, thanks for your patience; and to Alex, thanks for your call
 (guess, I haven't done so last night) and once you're home, please
 drop us a line.
 Bernie dk3xt/ab7iy (in Germany, JN49fe)
  <> <>
   "Make More Miles On VHF"