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Předmět: [Moon-net GG] HB9QQ Pierre, silent key
Datum: 13.6. 2011, 23:29 - včera v 23:29

   Pierre, 8Q7QQ operating 50 MHz EME on March 22 nd 2010

To the moon-bounce community

I am very sad to inform you that Pierre, HB9QQ became silenty key a few days ago.

Pierre was one of the pioneers on VHF DX in Europe. He was QRV on Tropo, MS, ES, FAI, Airplainscatter and of course moonbounce. In the early 80’s he published an excellent book about 144 DX. His favorite band was 144 for many decades. In his later years he became QRV 50 MHz and enjoyed it very much there too. He was QRV through-out the years on 144 and 50 MHz EME.

Pierre was a gentleman and a great friend. He teached so many of us how to DX on 144. His perfect CW-keying and his voice making QSOs in several European languages will never be forgotten. He was a great operator and at the same time a passionate mechanic.

I knew Pierre since 1979, when I got my VHF license. In his late years we became friends and spent many hours talking about EME. Pierre did activate 8Q7 many times on HF and on 50 MHz (terrestrial only). He asked me about joyining forces to activate 8Q7 on 50 MHz EME. I immediately “caught fire” and added 144, 432 and 1296 to the effort. We prepared together the DXpedition for a little more than one year. Pierre did a phantastic job putting together all equipment we needed. In early 2010 we set-up the station in a snow-storm at below 10°C dreaming to do it again at 30°C in the white snow in 8Q7. He was so much looking forward to it. It was a great experience for all of us to put 8Q7QQ on the moon on 50, 144, 432 and 1296! Pierre said several times to me, “that will be my biggest and last DXpedition”… Yes Pierre, you were right! Many thanks for all you did for the VHF-community and your friends all over the world! I and we all will keep your memories in our hearts!

Rest in peace!


For the 8Q7QQ-team and the HB9Q-team