The 25th edition of the "CONGRESSINO MICROONDE"

The small Italian microwave community is meeting in a new venue for his
25th"little national Congress" of May 26th, 2002.
This year most of the ARI friends hosting the happening, belong to the ARI
Section of BAGNACAVALLO, a small town close to Ravenna, the well known
Byzantine art jewel, about half an hour drive from the main city of
The participation of foreign  microwave enthusiasts is sought and
They can bring their home made equipment to show and describe to the
attendance and hopefully to evaluate technically during the Saturday
afternoon measurement session (to be confirmed).

Should it be decided to stay overnight, a nice and well equipped Youth
Hostel (>),  is available in town
the organizers> well in advance please!).
Dinner will be served in the premises of the meeting room which is
with all modern gadgets found in a conference venue (add a bonus live
connection to internet! <>), not forgetting a bar
service open all day.
Prices were some how bargained by the organisers: Italian full dinner for
less than 14 euro.
Please contact the organizers (>) before
23, particularly if your friend needs tourist assistance!

At the hostel:
in a "common" room 12.5 euro;
double room : 15.5 euro;
single room (if available!) : 18 euro.
Please contact the organizers quickly!>

extend this message in your country please, saying the cost of Youth
is at organizer expense (foreign OM only).
vico i4zau