VK3UM Electro Magnetic Radiation Calculator  (EMRCalc)  


(also now known as Electro Magnetic Emission, and/or Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) calculation.. a more public friendly name !)


  • Throughout the World, most Government Authorities have implemented mandatory standards of radiation limits pertaining to Electro Magnetic Radiation. These requirements include the Amateur Radio Service.
  • Because of the nature of EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) and many other Amateur communications, radiated power levels can be quite high and may, under certain situations, pose a radiation hazard.
  • This software calculates the level of Far Field bore site RF Radiation levels and indicates if the safety limit will be exceeded with respect to the parameters entered into the program.
  • The default calculations are for Public or un-controlled environments, however controlled environment calculations are provided where situations permit such limits. Warnings are provided on entering this option.
  • The software also addresses the near field radiation characteristics of a circular aperture radiating antennae. This characteristic could be of considerable significance to provide substantiating evidence that the installation is able to meet the Governing Authority's radiation limits.
  • The most widely accepted Safe level of RF Radiation is that which has been recommended by the International   Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection. (ICNIRP) It is a body of independent scientific experts consisting of a main Commission of 14 members, 4 Scientific Standing Committees covering Epidemiology, Biology, Dosimetry and Optical Radiation and a number of consulting experts.
  • This expertise is brought to bear on addressing the important issues of possible adverse effects on human health from exposure to non-ionising radiation. Its recommendations have been accepted by most countries as well as the Council of European Union (CEU).

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