Invitation to ARRL January VHF Contest    Pozvánka do lednového ARRL VHF contestu

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Od: Marshall-K5QE <at>

Datum: 19. 1. 2018 3:29:33
Předmět: EME with K5QE in the ARRL Jan VHF contest...

Hello to everyone in the EME community.  This year, the ARRL January VHF Contest will be held the weekend of January 20th and 21st.  We want to work as many EME stations on 2M, 222, and 432 as we can to increase our grid count.  Please help us with this event by working us on JT65b or CW.  Thank you very much.  

The 2M EME station is 8 x 18 all H-pol with a full 1500W of output power and a tower mounted preamp.  We can and do work smaller stations all the time, so give us a try.  As usual, we will be operating 144.142MHz Second Sequence. The moon is already well above the horizon when the contest begins(1900 Sat = 1PM local).  This is bad for us as we will also have to work tropo stations, rovers, and locals.  During the first 2-3 hours of the contest, we will only look very sparingly for EME contacts. After that, we will actively call CQ on EME.

For Oceania stations, our first moonset is 0300Z on Sunday.  For the last few hours of our moon time, we will be looking specifically for US, JA, VK, and ZL stations, so if you are in Oceania, look for us then.  

The second moon pass begins at 1630Z = 10:30AM local on Sunday.  This is a good time for us to do EME, as late Sunday morning and afternoon is usually a very slow time.  We will be calling CQ and looking for EME contacts.

We will be watching the N0UK EME-1 reflector whenever the moon is up for us.  The reflector is a wonderful resource, so feel free to use it liberally.  The new ARRL rules allow us to make schedules on the EME-1 page, so don't be shy about chatting with us there.  NOTE:  NO contact information can be exchanged on the reflector.

We also have a good 432 EME station.  Our new full power amp is on line and the antenna is 16 x 28el M2 all H-pol.  This antenna works very well.  So, if you have anything on 432, look for us on 432.080MHz.  IF Faraday is not bad, we have a good chance to work you.  We will take the Second Sequence and we will call CQ whenever we can.  If you can, please try to work us on 432.  IF we hear a CW caller on 2M OR 432, we will switch to CW and make every effort to work you.  

Our new 222 EME antenna is now fully operational.  I know that only Region 2 stations are allowed to use 222, but if you have something on 222, please try to work us.  We will be operating on 222.085MHz, second sequence.  Stations without elevation can work us on their rising moon(if west of us) or their setting moon(if east of us).  The antenna is 8 x 222XP40s with full power.  It is capable of working single yagis that have decent power.  For instance, I have worked a single 17el yagi with 400W on his setting moon.  Use the EME-1 reflector to schedule with us if you have something that you think will work on 222.   ASIDE:  IF you are active on 222, please contact me directly.

Good luck to all in the contest and we hope to see you there.  Thank you.

73 Marshall, K5QE - EM31cj

East Texas, USA