Hi All,

To make Walter his FB DIY board compatible with the POSITAL inclinometer for EL and GPS reception

I build another ADDON board that can be plugged in. (U2 IC).




It contains all parts for AZ (MAB25- ETS25 – HH12 – HH16) and Posital ACS-360-1-S101-VE2-AW (10m cable) or

ACS-360-1-S101-VE2-5W(5m cable) inclinometer for EL.

Also a real serial port is added for G4NJT GPS module or PC connection (flashing firmware – PstRotator control)

I/O for encoders is via RJ45 connector that goes to the board I announced last year.



I use 30M cat5e cable between controller and outside box without any problems here.


Both blank boards are available at 20€ + 10€ shipping

All can fit in UFO 7–19-13 metal box from Arabel (+/- 25€) and if there are 20 interested

People I can let Schaeffer produce fronts for it at (+/- 35€).




All info will be written one of the following days 😊 and will pass this to Walter to make a complete document.



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