Od: YOSHFMarathon [yoshfmarathon@gmail.com]
Odesláno: 19. května 2020 9:59
Komu: ..... ok1vpz@seznam.cz .......
Předmět: YO UHF-SHF Marathon

we're presenting you a new UHF-SHF contest/marathon. It's organized in parallel with the other marathons (3rd Sunday in each month)
by a group of people in Romania with a new & nice web platform.  You can find the rules here:


The only unusual rule is that every worked 4 character gridsquare with a YO station offers an extra multiplier for your points. This is how
we try to incerase the attention in this direction! Hope we'll receive your log. Even checklog helps to confirm more QSOs!

Log upload page: https://www.vhfdx.ro/index.php/yo-shf-marathon/log-upload/

the YO UHF-SHF Marathon organizing comitee,

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