Geminids 2011 VK4OX - VK3AMZ 432 MHz SSB MS QSO

Ahoj Matej,

It is Adrian, VK4OX. On 2011-12-14 between 1700z and 1830z, I completed a successful 2 way SSB QSO with Arie, vk3amz, on 432.360MHz via meteor scatter. We were using pre-recorded voice messages similar in format to fsk441, stored in a Meteor Scatter program called Multikeyer. We were using 15 second periods.

Station Details:

Name :Adrian.
Antenna: 2 vertically stacked horizontally polarised 26 el yagis.(Opt 70)
Power: 400W pep output

Name: Arie
Grid: QF22fe
Antenna: Single 13 el yagi (DK7ZB style)
Power: 400W pep

qrb: 1457km

The Geminids Meteor shower was predicted to be maximum this morning. OH5IY and other programs predicted the best time for a QSO between QG63kf and QF22fe as being 1730z to 1830z on 2011-12-14. That was Thursday, 15'th Dec between 0300 and 0430 my local time or 0400-0530 Melbourne time.

We started at 1700z. I got only a few pings in the first hour but no useful information.

Attached are two mp3 files.

2011-12-14 1805z 432,360SSB 3amz_4ox MS is an uncut, 24 minute recording made by me. File begins at 1805z. I had been transmitting the same message, Callsigns only, for over one hour. My ripply tx audio was caused by me having my monitor on and only appears on the recording, not on my actual transmission. At 1808z I receive a beautiful burst with both callsigns and a report.. I change my tx message to mostly "Roger 27" because I know that Arie must have both callsigns, otherwise he would not be sending a report.

Nothing for about 20 minutes then the best "qsl" I have ever received. This then, I believe, satisfied my requirements for a valid SSB QSO.

The other file, was sent to me via email by Arie, vk3amz. Arie edited his best received 15 second periods over the one and a half hours duration of the QSO. It contains one burst of callsigns and another of "Roger 27" and several pings. This then, I believe, satisfied Arie's requirements for a valid SSB QSO.

The two files together satisfy all the requirements for a valid 432MHz, 2 way SSB QSO. qrb 1457km. I believe this to be the first ever 2 way SSB QSO on 432MHz meteor scatter in Australia and perhaps the first ever 2 way SSB QSO on 432MHz between vk3 and vk4 via any, non eme, propagation mode.

73, Adrian. VK4OX

2011-12-14 1805z 432,360SSB 3amz_4ox MS.mp3

2011-12-14 1700z-1830z 432MHz vk4ox_vk3amz MS Highlights.mp3