After a good activity in Perseids 2020 I was looking forward to Geminids and I was hoping in new stations from some rear WW Locators. I started my activity on 10th December. Here is my 2m log:

10.12.2020 LZ1KU KN32, UR8GZ KN66 (my #449)

11.12.2020 UR6EM NC

12.12.2020 WKD IC8FAX JN70, F6BEG JN25, IW1CHX JN35

13.12.2020 WKD UX1IW KN87, YL3HA NC, RZ6DD LN04, UR5HVR KN69, GW4HDF IO71, I1JTQ JN35, IZ8WGU JM88 (my #450), SM3LGO JP83 (my #451), YL2AO KO16

14.12.2020 wkd UT7EW KN78, RQ3P KO84, SV2FPI KN10, SV2JL KN10, SF6F NC, RX1AS KO59

15.12.2020 wkd F5DYD/p JN03

I found the best activity on Sunday 12th December around 21 - 22   UTC I decoded many reflections which come especially from Scandinavia but due to local problem with TVI I wasn't able to call them. At sum I decoded many stations from:  UA1, UA3, UA6, UA4, UR, LZ, YO, IK, F, G, GW, GM, EI, EA, PA, ON, OZ, LA, SM, OH, YL, LY, ES, EU. Hopefully I'll be more lucky during Quadrantids.

It's interesting that most of the operators (especially from East) are using MSK144 instead of FSK441 which is much better especially for shorter and weaker reflections which are common at long distances over 1900km. Many MSK operators also stayed all the time at 144.360 MHz and had been using simplex operation including TXing in both periods.. It resulted in big chaos QRM, and not finished contacts especially around the peak of Meteor Shower. Nobody knows why some stations calling short distance tropo station during top MS activity and some in different periods like 15s long which make the QRM even bigger. In Middle Europe is frequency 144.360 MHz absolutely full of tropo signals S9+ and it's impossible to work anything there... Another big problem: many stations and especially newcomers don't respect any DX operation rules and hamspirit is a rude word for them.. Some operators think that MS contact can be finished during two minutes and calling every a few minutes various station without finishing any contacts... Next time PSE CALL CQ FREQUENCY like "CQ 350 OK2PWY" and listen there..

Hope to meet you in Quadratids 2021

GL 73 PF 2021 Tom OK2PWY