Classic OK QRP Contest

Mirek OK1DOM invites you again in the Summer Classic OK QRP VHF Contest. Thanks to our Slovak friends, very similar QRP Contest will be held in OM in the same time and with more-less same rules. Because the Contest rules are not limited for OK stations only, we believe, that any EU station can fully participate in this QRP Contest and be evaluated together with OK stations.  However, participation of any station will be very appreciated, even if such station has no interest to be evaluated in the final result list.

Classic OK QRP Contest Rules:


Sunday of the first full weekend in August each year, from 07.00 UTC to 13.00 UTC in the 144 MHz band only.


144 MHz SO

144 MHz MO

Operation modes: CW, SSB and FM as defined in the freq. band allocation of IARU.

Output RF power: 10 W max. In case of use more PAs the sum of their output power must be below the power limit.

Next conditions:
All station equipment must be allocated in the area of 500m diameter. Change of station allocation during the contest is not allowed.

      Use of DX Cluster is not limited.

      Only one signal on the band is allowed.

      From one contest location can participate more stations in this contest, if agreed.

      EME, cross-band and repeaters QSOs are not valid.

      Use of remotely (via Internet) controlled receiver and/or transceiver is prohibited.

      The other conditions are the same, as ordinary IARU VHF Contest rules.

Contest exchange code: as usual. However only QSO, when the full contest code has been exchanged is valid. So, please do not send numbers as 000 (zero), or just report without the contest serial number, even if you participate in the contest only and you are not want to be evaluated.  In such case don't send your contest log to evaluator (below).

Points: For each km one point as defined in the IARU VHF Contest rules. QSOs with nonparticipated stations are valid as well, if they exchange full contest code.

Contest log: is possible send to evaluator in elekctronic form or via ordinary mail as paper log.

      Electronic log must be in  EDI (REG1TEST) format. Other format will be not evaluated.

      As paper log the copy of station log is good enough.

      Contest log need to be sent to evaluator address with 10 days after Contest date.

QSO validity:  contest qso is not valid, if:

      any mistake in received code is observed (Call, RST, Contest serial nr., Locator)

      QSO time difference in log is more than 10 min to correct UTC.

Station will be not evaluated, if:

      not comply with Contest rules

      more, than 10 % distances are not calculated properly

     data in Contest log are not truthful

      the operator behaviour in the Contest is unfair


Where send your logs:

      for EDI Contest log format:

      for paper logs: P.O.Box 14, CZ 150 04 Praha 54