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Parabolic dishes for even shorter waves. Utilize of 27 meter antenna for EME. Li-Fe battery for ordinary use. News in filters production notably for 5G. OK2TEJ abt.coils. Ham radio ways to home made switching PSUs. Remembrance to amazing tropo condx on Jan. 1974 + 2008. HS0ZP QRV 70cm EME. OK1UFC' generator. Czech National regulator move ham radio band 6cm to WI-FI. CRC keep silence. Cheap components 4 SPSU. Result list of REF/DUBUS European CW EME Contestu 2020. PicoVNA network analyzers. RLC SMD meter. ICOM 7400 reparation. G8AGN about transvertor VK3CV for 122GHz. New 144 MHz EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. Good results on VHF bands needs brilliant operator, low noise HF transceiver + x-vertor, X-tal filters, PA & ant. Within these days let's remind David OK1RK amazing operator and great guy, who passed away 2 years ago. 300W Pa kit for 144MHz. Soldering station for SMD. As well as here. Future of broadcasting. More. SWL-ing. Very low phase noise oscillators. Such changes in OK would be real pleasure for CRC? KA6U on the road. Final of OK November MMC results 2020 were released. Final Contest results of MMC in DL, OM, IK, F & PA. CRC as well as IARU changed VHF Contests rules. Log shall be sent within 34 hours! More here - page 80. OK2PE is newly QRV EME on 23cm. Congrats!  Invitation to OK Winter QRP VHF C-test 2021. TVI protector. On the UKμW Group web is available volume 2019 of Scatterpoint newsletter. Maybe brass-hats tests of Es? On Wednesday Jan. 13. you may discuss 122GHz transvertor VK3CV. Rotator controller YAESU by VK4GHZ. W5LUA released new article about his tests on 122GHz. Interesting QRO devices: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Beacon keyer. Interesting and public open book. Important, but prone to forget. Where to buy w/o  tax & VAT? VHF DX book. 365GHz QSO video. ISS crossband repeater. Video abt. radiotelescope FAST Antenna production for ALMA. IARU released info abt. 23cm & Galileo EMC. Analysis of ATV + RNSS EMC. See p.31+ Solution: stop ATV! Wet snow & icing impair narrow band antenna performance. Notably in JO50TI hill. January NAC by OK1TEH. Zdeno OK2ZW passed away. Controversial guy, but brilliant operator. SK of PA0SSB & LA8KV, EME legends. Home made light parabolic dish. National regulator consider bandwidth as data troughput. A bit about greasing. K1JT release next version of the WSJTX SW...why? FTDX10 w/o VHF: CB op.dream? 2kW SPSU for 28V PA. On January 3rd. remind peak of the MS shower Quadrantids. More. On Sunday will be held Contest Romagna. For 2021 we wish you good health, happiness, peace and make love, not war! See you soon on V/UHF bands! We have final results of VHF + UHF Contests IARU in OK. DL0GTH's documents here & here. New devices. Geminids 2020 by: OK1TEH, OK1MZM, OK2PWY, OZ8ZS, SM6FHZ, LA4YGA, UA stations. Leonids PE1ITR. MMC OK results for final check. Web GS35b. More. OK1CDJ prepares new dish for 13cm gear. Toward CB. Another super DX QSO on 2m + 13cm. 23cm IARU info. What OK1VR wrote 60 years ago. 122GHz success. Extreme DX propagation within Geminids? Looking for more MS DX QSOs? Try Ursids! UHF-C results in HB9. This web has no cookies! Do you have EM loc? Oscillators + PLL by DF9NP. UHF-C results in OM & DL. Logical schematics but who from you use such topology? More. ARRL defend hamradio interests. But here? PA0EHG wrote article about cooling of 6mm LNA (NF) & image noise.

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