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K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and up. CRC awards of UHF/SHF C-test 2016. OM March C-test.

Don't miss the 2m Aurora during April 22/23, there is a good chance for 2m AU after 15h UTC, more here and here.

On 21st.January we missed 60th anniversary of the very first 144MHz Auroral QSO in Europe, read full story (EN).

23cm beacon SR5TDM is ON. New operators on orbit. Serbian antennas. Tajfun kW PA. GaN L band PA webinar.

Upgrade of W5UN EME antenna. Do you know Rakon and low noise oscillators?  OK1KIR received WAZ diploma.

Claimed score of OK Easter Contest 2017. OM results from March C-test for last check. Nordiska VUHF meeting.

Lyrids on the way. Good time for MS DX contacts.  Jindra OK1VR, OK VHF doyen celebrates 90 years! Congrats!

Slovak 23cm PA. Attempts on big pond crossing still alive.  As well as your regulator supports WIFI? RSGB letter!

Zajímavá maďarská firma vyrábí i MF transceiver. Tropo log OK1TEH z 11.4. DL6NAA se po PD chystá do Polska.

GS35b tube will be hamradio history soon. Corrected list of IARU VHF Contest 2016.  Not very successful for OK.

Delayed report OK1TEH from March C-test. New 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. SSB at GHz bands. EME OK1CS.

On 10.3 tropo condx in VK. Video for contemplation. And thisRS season. Thesis: 3cm patch ant. Good reading.

European MMC 2016 result. Russian VHF + microwave meeting Volga 2017. IARU conference in DL. 10GHz LNA.

Prefinal unofficial international results of the IARU UHF Contest 2016. Several logs and error logs are nice reading.

Jubilee Meteor scatter Sprint Contest 2017. Antenna for 144MHz with tween design. 27.March Au observed in OK.

MPO prepares new National frequency plan. Freq.segment 70 - 70,45 MHz probably will be regular OK ham band.

New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 432MHz and above bands. 27.3 AU by OK1TEH and other stns. 4m by OK2DL.

OK1EM conclusion. Paper version of Radiožurnal QRT. BBC abt.EME. How abt. your contest? RSGB convention.

Celebration - 60.aniversary of OZ7IGY beacon. FT847 modulation missed.  Aurora 27.3. These kits of trv are gone.

Don't miss possible 2m Aurora between 27-29th March -> more. March VHF Contest by OK2KOJ. DH5YM's GPS.

OK1UFC + LA6TPA EME HW. Kilowatt SSPA for 70cm. Cooling calculation? Game is over. FT221 reminiscence.

Last EME VKV Vestnik by RA4SD. Table of the best antennas by VE7BQH. DJ5AR: list of EU VHF activity days.

When antenna turning is requested. Mini EME DX-pedition S79Z. Ham convention - Texas style. Alfatronic SPSU.

March VHF Contest by: OK2KYZ, I1KFH, ON4KHG, F1AZJ + more F contestants. 13/3cm feed for satellite project.

Amateur radio videos. More (2). IARU list of beacons. Slot antenna for 47GHz. March VHF Contest 2017 by OL4A.

Murata inclinometers, good for EME. List of "flea markets". Generator managed by USB. Winter QRP final results.

March VHF Contest by: F6KRK, SO3Z. Tropo log OK1TEH. Well - known? Another way? IF TRXs IC7610, FT 891.

Czech 2016 VHF/UHF Championship results. Blog SP8AQX. 3cm gadget. March VHF Contest: OK2PNQ + OL7C.

March VHF Contest by DM7A, OK5T, OK5K, OK1KAD, F4DBD. Open email to VHF C5 IARU chairman ON4AVJ.

March VHF Contest by DR9A, OL3Z, OK1NPF, OM3KII + 2, DR5T. Final results of ARRL EME C-test 2016, more.

March VHF Contest by: OK1KUO, OK1UFF, OL2J, OL4N, OM7KW, OM3KTR, IQ1KW, F8KID, HA5KDQ, S51ZO.

March VHF Contest by: OK1OPT, OK1ZHS, OK1VM. Claimed score from: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA, UK + IARU.

New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 432MHz & up bands. First 9cm QSO OK - FR completed by OK1KIR, congrats.

Evaluation trouble with VHF Contest IARU. This list of results is completely wrong! Video lesson what is the PLL.

March VHF Contest by: OK2C, PH4XCRC has some hitch with preparation of new status & members run away.

March VHF Contest 2017: DK5AI, OK1KFH, OK1EM. Chinese dish now QRV. First QSO OK - FR on 23 + 13cm.

Interesting project: 2m IF transceiver for microwave bands.  Software tool for hamradio: filters, scales, Smith chart.

Leave your announce about your participation in the March IARU VHF/UHF Contest. Weather forecast for contest.

News from FR/DL2NUD. Do you know ZL4PLM web? WA VHF newsletter. 50 years ago IARU VHF C-test activity.

HAARP used to test IP3 of ionosphere. OZ7IGY beacon celebrates 60 years of operation. Focuse to young hams.

European results of IARU VHF Contest 2016. Results of Czech Winter QRP Contest. S51FB and IARU abt.VUSC.

OK1DIX released new version 6.43 of SW contest log VUSC. DJ4YJ, one of the BBT QRP Contest founders is SK.

GPS freq. standard on microwave web EA3HMJ. Puls Power SPS. Krkonoše + Orlické h. mountains from JO70FD.

European results of the Alpe-Adria VHF + UHF Contests 2016. UK has discovered America? Separated RX 4 Icom.

Mixture of info: magazines Antentop + Elektronik-info. Calendar of Italian contests.  News on Microwaves 101 web.

Transistors soldering. Ferrite materials by Czech Pramet: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Coffee can feed. New 9A5Y web.

New transvertor DB6NT for 24GHz - up to 2W RF. Czech legendary calls OK1FA, OK1PN + OK1GM. HAARP test.

Tropo condx to LA within last few days on MMMonVHF and tropo log OK1TEH. Terahertz band. NC1I aerial crash.

VHF attenuators from China and from hamshack. Since LA8AK death is 12 years. His web still exist. Thanks a lot!

 2m EME NewsLetter by DF2ZC. CRC again presents achievements of nonmembers of theirs paramilitary alliance

Well known G4HUP is SK. RIP!  Ferrite materials Micrometals. 70cm PA video: 1, 2. LD-MOS experiments: 1 & 2.

QRM LED issue. On Tuesday 14.2 check tropo condx within NAC. OK1ANA SK. Khaki history. Satellite hacking?

QRV list for DUBUS EME Contest. Legendary Antennenbuch. Base unit for 3cm beacon & not only. Listen to EME.

Bulgarian transverter for 23cm band. Antenna relay from SP distributor? Abt.interference by OZ2OE. Madeira EME.

Winter OK QRP-C (BBT) 2017: OK1KUO, OK1KUR + OK1JFH. VHF/UHF DX Book free to download. FR/DL2NUD.

DUBUS EME Contest this weekend. First OK QSOs abroad new QSLs. Useful cooperative service. 122GHz in UK.

Pretty interesting catalogue. OM6AA combined feed for geostacionary satellite communication. Suggested course.

RF power transistors for 23cm band: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. VHF meetings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + 7. GPS standard by OK1DXD.

DX-pedition Madeira. SM5BSZ suggestion, focused on sound card selection for EME operation. QRP + BBT 2017.

New EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands. RSGB really is not CRC. Calculator for heat-sink design of SSPA.

Another SW for design of interdigital BPF compare this. Prepaid DUBUS isn't a bad idea. Web pages by LX4SKY.

Calendar of amateur radio meetings in 2017. How to lose 5760MHz band? Be quite is good enough.. MoonTracker.

Who sent spot to our beacon to DX Cluster within 2016? Final results of OK Christmas Contest. Design of 2m PA.

This web is really helpful. Planing of VHF DX-pedition 3Y0Z. Web IK-Telecom OY. TX line calculator free of charge.

Nice "parabolic" pics. Check, where is directed your EME dish. French results of MMC 2016. Squealers about us.

Galileo has troubles. Web with Aurora forecast. New battery for QRP Contest? Web Twiar web.

Invitation to Winter QRP Contest. Video from microwave Heelweg 2017 meeting. The best DX-peds of 2016 elected.

Radiožurnál in electronic version is for sale for 40CZK. SZR is searching new VHF editor. Scatterpoint 2015 is free.

Interference report from DL. And in OK? More here. And here + here. 23cm 1kW PA by IK3GHY. 3 aerials splitter.

Solid state 144MHz driver utilize old soviet transistors. BIAS. Transverter for MW. MMC 2016: G, DL, OM, IK, PA.

Check circuits gadgets for your design.  Results of MMC 2016 in OK. Prefinal results of Czech Christmas contest.

How to bend a waveguides. DL2AM wrote abt.testing and measure of 47 + 76GHz gear. OK1DXD is arming to 3cm.

DL Callbook. W4OP web. First EA QSOs. New QSL for first OK QSOs. The best DX-peditions?  MS log OK1DQT.

Claimed score of Czech VHF Christmas contest. 23cm EME Fun Contest. MS log of OK2PMS. Web by UA1ZFG.

23cm EME Fun Contest. Deklarované pořadí Vánočního závodu. ČRK sveřepě mlčí. A co si myslíte vy? Jak na to.

First QSO OK - OH on 24GHz assigned to OK1KIR. Congrats!  OK1TEH tropo log from last days of 2016. Visit of.

Gallery of SSPAs from UA. GHz Tagung Dorsten. Overview of 2016 2m Es. DudleyLab. Verify C-test QSO with us.

OK Christmas C-test by OK1TEH. Well-known EME OM EA3BB, brother of EA3DXU, died. Heelweg SHF meeting.

Video of DX-pedition E44CM to Jericho. Quadrantids game is overNewsletters SBMS. Airscout update to v.1.205.

4m beacons UN3M + UN8GC. More.  At 2m with MS / FSK441 has appeared R870M call. New OK MS DX record.

Short, 8el.Y. 70cm antenna, developed for stacked antenna systems. Results of OK MMC2016 for final verification.

Welcome in 2017. We hope to meet you on ham radio bands above 70MHz, notably in contests. Happy New year!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PF 2017 --------------------------------------------------------------------------

OK1TEH released his last EME Window & VHF News of 2016 written for Slovak Radiožurnál magazine. More to it.

Price of electricity in OK head towards. Just few days after New year eve look for peak of Quadrantids MS shower.

On 30.Dec.we got an email from ČTÚ authority: ham radio use of the 4m band is for OK in 2017 allowed as before.

K2UYH release last EME NewsLetter of 2016 for 432MHz and above. DL2ALF brings new version of Airscout SW.

Joe K1JT released new update of well-known WSJT software. Nice job by F5JWF. Visit web with plenty HW links.

Link to 2016 News.

QRV list - May VHF/UHF Contest 2017

QRV list - 9cm REF EME Contest 2017

Beacons  QRB  Maps (1) (2) (3)  Profiles

Today EME
Actual EME condx - by MMMonVHF

Present MS condx - by MMMonVHF



APRIL 2017
01 - 02 MODERATE
08 - 09 GOOD
15 -16 VERY POOR
22 - 23 GOOD
29 - 30 POOR

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