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Heelweg Microwave session echo. MMC results: DL, OM, F, IK. Backscatter to download. VK5DJ ant.controller

Quadrantids by OK2PMS. Free to download: VHF/UHF DX Book 2017. Invitation to Czech Winter QRP Contest. 

UK 122 GHz tests. OK1TEH tropo logs
update. Historical Microwave Handbook (1985). UK Microwave museum.

Interesting info by US4ICI abt. 23cm PA. Czech VHF activity contest 2019 results. Mods of FM radio PA for 2m.

HW training class OK1UFC: SWR + W1ANB circle. More. Interference damages HF. Low noise LO for cm bands.

Well known Heelweg SHF meeting on Saturday 11. This weekend will be held traditional SSB EME Fun contest.

Brutal game of CRC society? From DB6NT archive. SSB EME Funtest. VHF activity test. 70cm: QRB 4644 km.

New year's EME NewsLetter K2UYH for UHF and above. Preliminary + claimed results of OK Christmas contest.

Russian 2m SSPA: 500W for 600 $. SG Labs suggest new 9cm transverter. CRC in OK ceased new licence act.

Pics from RF HW seminar in NL. From DB6NT log - even w/o FT8!  ITB news. OK1DFC's project. Keep on mind!

DUBUS CW EME Contest 2019 results. 2m PA RV9WMY. Antenna calculator F5FOD: analysis of G/T volume.

Start of short, but heavy Quadrantids MS shower with peak on Saturday 4.1. morning. More here, here + by IMO.

Next VHF DX record of the present tropo condx. Final OK results of the IARU R1 UHF/SHF Contest 2019. More.

New tropo world record 4562km QSO between Cape Verde Islands & Scotland made on 70cm. SpectraVue SW.

All the best in 2020, notably felicity, health, peace and success to all readers of our web by OK2KKW members.

New EU tropo DX record on 70cm: EI3KD - D41CV QRB 4164km !  SpectraVue software for EME tests by SDR.

PA2CHR email & video from DX-ped. A21EME here. Very interesting blog EA3HMJ. WRC-19 is over: what next?

Already 61. OK VHF Christmas contest is over. Components for low noise 20GHz signal generator. SWR meter.

Will be possible produce a noise free transistor? LNA input protection. OK1UFC's radiotechnic tutorials. Ferrites.

Link to 2019 News. Statistics.

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Today EME
Actual EME condx - by MMMonVHF

Present MS condx - by MMMonVHF



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