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Traditional 2m OK XMAS Contest from home shack -> report OK1TEH. DF2ZC has new 2m EME Newsletter. Where are these EME Chinese ops? Update. Remote QTH. LDMOS project HA1YA. G4WJS SK. From OL7C. Old 70cm beacon OK0EP expenses were paid incl. update list of DXC spots. New satelite "cubes" launched. Tuesday on 70cm QSOs rom Prague. "all bands" driver. Ukraine VHFDX new page. Faraday & Maxwell lesson. On Thursday + Friday maybe would be tropo condx. DB6NT introduce new 122GHz gear with 200mW power. Pinch of physics for new week. Combiners issue. More. Broadband combiners. Gysel combiner and rat race. This weekend will be held Contest Romagna. OK1KIR EME C-test: Veni, vidi vici. Congrats! OK1TEH w/o FT8. Results of the IARU UHF Contest in OM & DL. Results of MMC Contest in OM & DL. What about in OK? Note. Did U wkd Mississippi + Alabama on 23? Use the KA6U trip. OK1UGA wrote few years ago "How toward EME". 70cm Moon beacon. Well-known EME op. UA1MC passed away. RIP! Nice pwr box. More calcs. News by ITB. Next extension of 2m DX records near VK coast: QRB 2927km. Antenna SW EZNEC by W7EL is free now! Nice small CNC milling machine (Made in the Czech republic) suitable for production of special components. Next Saturday join OK non FT8 activity on 6m. Quadrantids MS shower already here. And what about 70cm? New year is dedicated to 122 GHz at KM5PO. Interesting M2's EME system. How to get 20mW on 241 GHz? Thanks to all readers of this web for visit and let us wish you for 2022 lot of felicity, health,success, peace + love! Try the MS DXing on 70cm - already in few days will be good chance. UK Microwavers open Scatterpoint 2020. VHF radioamateurs were always ready to do something at home. Maybe this kits web page will be inspiration.  The Czech republic terminated after 99 years AM radio broadcasting. How the Czech voice will be listen in EU? Jubilee transmission on VLF is a radiocomm. celebration of our roots. Sweden state have respect, OK not... Home brewed waveguide relays for 24GHz. More. Ice on antenna damaged this year MMC from > 1000m hills. Link to 2021 News. Statistics.


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