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EME by OK2PE in Feb.2018. EME project SM7GVF. DK5AI: 23cm - first Moon signals. EME reflections on 15m!

From Nepal on two meters? W6PQL starts production of commercial 23cm 600W PA. 144MHz Zig-zack antenna.

Test operation: 2m DX Cluster w/o FT8 modes. Compare 6m here + here. QSL for 2m OK QSO w. Indonesia.

Prefinal European results of the IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2017. International list of CW Marconi memorial Contest.

Al Katz K2UYH + Bernd DF2ZC released theirs EME NewsLetters for 144MHz as well as for 70cm & above bands.

DX-pedition Bouvet again? Unfortunately only on wrong bands. OK2KCE: sensors pics for AZ/EL. Web of G0ISW.

70cm Rainmaker type antenna is good for EME. At times are diploma thesis fairly close to amateur radio issues.

Amateur radio kits prices from East of Ukraine. EME report of OK1CA.  Last 144MHz NAC OK1TEH's QSO map.

Chinese kit of 150W (?) solid state 2m PA. More.  Annual rent fee for space + energy of OK0EP beacon has paid.

Reports from the OK Winter QRP Contest: OK2PPK, OK1IPS + OK1VM. Electromobiles charging on 160m band?

Winter QRP QSOs made by OK1TEH on 144 + 432 MHz from home. Attendance record. 10GHz Air scatter QSO.

Funny Czech results of UHF/SHF Contest 2017. Local oscillator for transverter. Preparation of Guatemala DX-ped.

24GHz gear by OZ1LPR: 20W + 1.4dBnf. QRP test. DX-pedition 3Y0Z: aborted landing. Meeting. OM4EX 2m EME.

Japanese producer of amateur radio PAs. More. 2m PA M1BXF. EME C-test reports: OK2DL, OK2ULQ, OK1CA.

Access into hidden menu of FT991 transceiver. When will start operation of 3Y0Z? How to fix ICOM 746 PA driver.

Can be CRC democratic national IARU member? No. Long 70cm antenna GTV70-34. SBMS news. QRO LPF 2m.

Video channel by DJ3JJ with collection of 23cm EME QSOs. Video of Northern lights nr. TF (from board of plane).

What paint for EME 10GHz dish?  Transverter 28/144MHz by R1ZH.  Activity development in CW DUBUS Contest.

Suitable stabilizer for low noise XO? Dirk ON5GS via SSB EME. More. Similar to Oscar 7, satellite has "awaken".

Questions to the evaluation of (not only) OK Cristmas Contest? WA3LBI SK. OM3ID's update of OM beacons list.

Use of forgotten antenna for ordinary VHF bands.  OK Christmas C-test result. F5SE memorial EME Fun Contest.

CRC after all released prefinal Czech results of UHF / SHF Contest for public check. Spring VHF meetings: 1, 2, 3.

OK0EP is a private UHF beacon in operation since 1981. But the nr.of spots is decreasing. Should it be turned off?

Harmonic traps from UK VHF manager. More. Do you know abt. rich IOT communication on 2.harmonic of 70cm?

Exciting World of amatur radio communication in 10GHz band by AF6NA. VHF DX book by G3SEK and his team.

Invitation by ARRL for this weekend!  On Feb.4 will be held Winter QRP Contest.  G-fast interference. Space com.

What new on W1GHZ web pages. Proposal. RT2M web. A bit old PA by IT9VKYMuseum. For simple oscilators.

Fix your antenna! Strong wind (JO60, JO61, JO70) forecast. MMC VHF 2017 OK results. UHF C-test? Nothing yet.

OK Christmas contest results for final check. Interesting messages to opinion poll: most wanted DXCC & locators.

OK2TPQ improves his rotator control system. Big dish EME test in IO70JB. SPSU for your SSPA? Cheap bridge.

Contests calendar  2018 by DARC. Well-known OM3KII club has 60.years anniversary. They are focuse to VHF+.

Transceiver IC7610 is maybe still behind K3S. Microwave trips of DL6NCI. Update: 1, 2. Please help us w.upgrade.

New 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC.  Reminder to 3cm DX record. 6m beacon A71A QRV. Home made µW counter.

137kHz? Read this article. QSO by airplane scatter on 10GHz. IC7300 + transverter. Your proposal? Another radio.

Tropo log OK1TEH from first week 2018. VHF Newsletter IARU 76. On Feb.3 will be Contest Romagna + OK QRP.

Heelweg, Dorsten, Seigy meetings. Useful web Microwaves101 doesn't works on more PCs. Use another browser.

Bad polarity protection. Web page PA4TIM. DX-ped. 3Y0Z - soon on air. GHz antennas DJ6IY. Subscription 1 + 2.

Arecibo back in game. What OK2PMS worked via Geminids. Real long Yagi antenna. ARRL EME Contest results.

Polish PZK supports activity on VHF bands and due to it announced 6 hours contest within subregional contests.

Re-evaluation of MMC in OK - any comments till Jan. 7th, pse.  VK3ANX moontracker. Where to buy a circulator.

23cm PA: 600W out with one transistor. Programmable GPS based frequency standard. MS peak time prediction.

Overnight 3 to 4.January await MS shower Quadrantids. OK1EM: 76GHz transverter of 4. generation. Scatterpoint.

Radioclub OK2KKW wish to all readers of this web lot of happiness, good health, friendship & peaceful year 2018!

PA2CHR has video from EME DX-ped. 3DA0MB. Invitation into NAC/IAC activity test. NAC: OK1KKA + OK1TEH.

DARC sent us cups for winner of Region 1 UHF/SHF Contest 2015.  CRC till now not completed UHF-C-test 2017.

On 27th December suddenly became silent key (in age of 78) Jan Szarowski, OK2BFH, Czech VHF legend, RIP!

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz + above. OK1TEH's 2m report from Czech Xmas contest 2017.

IARU Survey results, focused to possible changes of VHF Contests. IARU Contest rules for next year. Comments.

During Christmas look up to starlights and remind two voyagers. 2m MS OJ9X. DUBUS EME Contest dates 2018.

DARC requests report from hamradio users, how are amateur radio bands interfered. We look forward to CRC ask.

New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC focused on 144MHz. G4CQM antennas. Prefix 1L on 2m?  Evaluation of U/SHF-C?

We've just got sad news that well known Franck Tonna, F5SE (son of F9FT) died on 20th December. RIP Franck..

New 423/2017 Sb. Act: National frequency table - frequency allocation as well as for amateur radio service in OK.

Link to 2017 News.

QRV list: 1st Subregional contest 2018

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