New World tropo DX record at 24 GHz

At the QNEWS web page of Wireless Institute of Australia , has been published:

On September 7, 2002, WW2R/5 and W5LUA made a record breaking contact on
24,192 MHz. Dave was operating portable in EM41HC near Natchez, Miss and
W5LUA was operating from his home in EM13QC, Allen, Texas.
CW signals of 549 were exchanged.

DX based on 6 digit to 6 digit grid square is 337.3 miles or 542.8 km

The equipment at WW2R/5 was running 11 Watts output.
consisted of a 2 ft dish fed through 2' of

24GHz initial signals were estimated at around 6dB above the
noise but by the end of the QSO were barely audible above the noise.

The equipment at W5LUA run 50 watts.

Based on 6 digit grid square to 6 digit grid square EM13QC to EM41HC DX =
337.3 miles or 542.8km but on latitude/longtitude locations,
the DX calculates to be 338.2 miles or 544.3 km establishing a new
world record on 24192 MHz.
(Submitted by W5LUA and WW2R via VK4OE)

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73 ! de OK1TEH