The first contact between OK and OE on 122 GHz [eng]

Although several first EME contacts from OK abroad were achieved in last few days I think I should report about another first one, this time on 122 GHz. During BBT contest a group of OE hams managed small EHF meeting with tests on 47, 76 and 122 GHz (such an event is called in OK "control day"). The 122 GHz contact path was the same like in  2008, when me and Rudi OE5VRL made the first QSO OK-OE on 76 GHz. We used 144,525 MHz for cross-talk frequency and antenna azimuth was optimized thank to equipment for 76 GHz. First QSO on 122 GHz was achieved with OE3WOG/p in CW (SSB was too weak). Next one was OE5VRL/5 and OE/DL3MBG. Unfortunately OE2JOM/5 didn't know CW and SSB QSO wasn't possible.. The QSO path between JN78ER and JN78HN is only 25,8km long however on 122 GHz you have several factors which must be taken into account like a bad weather. However this time we were lucky, weather was excellent so we were able to use optical orientation. The whole even, we evaluated in a pub in the village Kerschbaum. The QSO was made thank to great collective cooperation as well as excellent equipment of OK1FPC and OK1UFL. Finally pressing PTT button was just "icing on the cake" (we had to hurry up because nobody knows if such a QSO will be finished on EME too hi :-).

73, OK1AIY


Rudi, OE5VRL standing by his equipment for 122 and 76 GHz.      




Austrian "Control Day" on the hill in Viehberg JN78HN during occasion of EHF BBT contest.


122 GHz equipment of OK1AIY/P (photo was taken in 2009 during meeting in St.Englmar)


76GHz OE3WOG/p

OE5VRL' equipment:

76 GHz:
CW Sender 12 mW:
DF9LN OCXO 100.571693 MHz * 126 (CTI DRO) = 12672.033 MHz (30 mW) *3 (38 GHz Modul) = 38016.1 MHz (100 mW) * 2 (MA46H146 Varaktordiode) = 76032.2 MHz (12 mW) + Antenne.

OE2JOM PLL 100.3809524 MHz *126 (CTI DRO) = 12648 MHz (30 mW) *3 (38 GHz Modul) = 38016 MHz (100 mW) + Subharmonic Mixer (MAE 1318) + 144 MHz FT290 + Antenne

122 GHz:
CW Sender ca. 0.5 mW:
DF9LN OCXO 97.024 MHz * 140 (CTI DRO) = 13583.344 MHz (20 mW) *3 (38 GHz Modul) = 40750.033 MHz (70 mW) *3 (MAE 1310) = 122250.1 MHz (0.5 mW) + Antenne.

OE2JOM PLL 96.90952379 MHz * 140 (CTI DRO) = 13567.333 MHz (20 mW) *3 (38 GHz Modul) = 407702 MHz (70 mW) + Oberwellenmischer (MAE 1317) + 144 MHz FT290 + Antenne.

Antenne ist wahlweise 40cm oder 47.4 cm Eigenbau Präzisions Parabol.