Czech Activity VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Rules

The contest goes on every 3rd Sunday from 8:00 UTC till 11:00 UTC.





Single Op.:

Stations operated by individual license holders with no assistance by other person during the Contest. Any TCVR operating, beaming, logging and other assistance by other person is not permitted.


Multi Op.:

The Club Stations operated by one or more operators or stations with a license of an individual operated or assisted by more than one person.



Categories and Bands:


1. 144 MHz Single op.

2. 144 MHz Multi Op.

3. 432 MHz Single Op.

4. 432 MHz Multi Op.

5. 1,3 GHz Single Op.

6  1,3 GHz Multi Op.

7. 2,3 GHz Single Op.

8. 2,3 GHz Multi Op.

9. 3,4 GHz Single Op.

10. 3,4 GHz Multi Op.

11. 5,7 GHz Single Op.

12. 5,7 GHz Multi Op.

13. 10 GHz Single Op.

14. 10 GHz Multi Op.

15. 24 GHz Single Op.

16. 24 GHz Multi Op.

17. 47 GHz Single Op.

18. 47 GHz Multi Op.

19. 76 GHz Single Op.

20. 76 GHz Multi Op.



Contest Exchange:


Contest Exchange consists of RST followed by serial number, starting with 001 for the first contact and increasing by one for each successive contact, and the complete WW locator of the sending station. Example 579 023 JO70GA.
QSOs with stations which aren't participated in the contest are allowed but the Contest Exchange must be transmitted, serial number is optional for these QSOs.


Only one QSO per band could be logged with a particular station.


Each station, regardless the section, can transmit only one signal on each band.








2 points for QSO made in your own big square WWL (i.e. JO70), 3 points for QSO made in the  neighbourhood WWLs zone, in the next WWLs zones will be calculated 1 point more then in the previous WWLs zone.



Each big square WWL (JO70) which has been worked in the contest included your own, one for each band. In the case no other big square WWL has been worked, your own WWL could be calculated as a multiplier.


Final Score is calculated as sum of QSOs points x number of multipliers for each band specially.



Contest Report


The contest reports will be send to Radioclub OK1KPA:

l        by online form at

l        by email to or

l        by mail to Miroslav Nechvíle, U kasáren 339, 533 03 Dašice, The Czech Republic


The report must be sent on the 5th day after the Contest at the latest.


The Contest Report must contain:

l        name of the contest

l        date

l        callsign

l        band and categories

l        WWL which was operated from

l        number of QSOs

l        points for QSOs

l        number of multipliers

l        final score

l        statutory declaration


Each round of the Czech Activity VHF/UHF/SHF Contest will be evaluated specially, on the end of each calendar year the annual evaluation will be posted.



l        Each winner of the section will receive an award

l        Each three first stations will receive an award in that categories from where 15 or more stations are evaluated.




Translated by OK5TR