[Moon-net] Moonbounce Beacon 143.050MHz

Datum: 2.4. 2007, 23:34 - včera v 23:34

Hello Moonbouncers,

This may be of interest of european radio amateurs to test your 2 meter receiver. Today I tried to
receive the graves radar on 143.050MHz via moonreflection. Signals where very strong!!!
The moon must be south of Dijon, France around 20 degrees elevation. This is the location of the
radar. Every 19,2 second you will receive a cw carrier of 3.2 seconds.

Here is an example. The direct signal is at 1000Hz. The moonreflection is because of doppler about
180Hz higher.

http://www.pe1itr.com/graves/graves0021.jpg http://www.itr-datanet.com/~pe1itr/graves/

Good luck with this moonbounce beacon!

73 Rob PE1ITR