Od: Torleif ( SM7EYW ) [sm7eyw@telia.com]
Odesláno: 29. října 2002 13:26
Komu: sked@yahoogroupes.fr
Předmět: [sked] SK7MW QRV in MMC
Hi All !!!!
SK7MW will be QRV in the Marconi Memorial Contest.
It's 2-3 Nov. 14-14 UTC.
We will be running Saturday and Sunday,but not during the night.
Operators will be SM7LXV and SM7EYW and hopefully someboddy else.
SK7MW will run 4x8el and 4x17el and 1KW from JO65MJ.
For skeds mail sm7eyw@telia.com or call +46-705-456450 ( EYW ).
We hope for nice conds.
Hope to here U !!
Best 73 ssss Mogglarp Gang