IARU UHF - SHF Contest 05-06.10.2002

This info page will be updated daily until Friday 4.October

If you have more info, please send us message asap !

HA2M JN97FQ will bw QRV at 432.280 MHz in first quarter of hour we are beaming to NW, in second quarter turn to north * * *
Please try our FORUM!


Hello !

Team S53D is ready for IARU UHF Contest from JN76BD 1562masl.

We will be QRV on following bands:

432MHz      432.165      500 W  4 x 7.7wl DJ9BV
1296MHz    1296.165      100 W  67 el. WIMO
2304/2320  arround .100    3 W  80 el. WIMO
3cm        arround .100   .1 W  horn

Skeds are welcome especially on higher bands.
HPE to meet u also on dxcluster or converse.

Proposals can be send via:

E-mail: S57MSU@email.si
SMS:    041382781@linux.mobitel.si
        +386 41 382781

73 de Uros, S57MSU

Dr Contesters,

DF0MTL is qrv during the IARU-UHF-Contest 5.+6. october 2002
from mountain Fichtelberg (JO60LK, 1206m asl) near the boarderline
QRV from 70cm to 24GHz:
     432 MHz:     350W    2x 2x21ele F9FT  preamp(NF=1dB)
    1296 MHz:     100W    4x 40ele DL6WU   preamp(NF=1dB)
    2320 MHz:      40W    1.5m dish        preamp(NF=1dB)
    3400 MHz:      10W    0.6m dish        preamp(NF=1dB)
    5760 MHz:       4W    0.6m dish        (NF=1dB)
   10368 MHz:       3W    0.9m dish        (NF=2dB)
   24192 MHz:     0.1W    0.4m dish        preamp(NF=2dB)

We would happy to work you during the contest.
Pse listen for us and ask us on 2m for 70cm or on 70cm for 23cm & up.

Or letīs make a sked:
via E-Mail:
via Packet-Radio:

During the contest you can contact us
via GSM-Mobilphone (pse sms):
     +49 171 4156132    (Tilo, 70/23/13cm) or
     +49 177 7079581    (Jens, 9/6/3cm).
During the contest we are also qrv via Packet Radio:
     DB0MDX or an other DXCluster and WW-Convers-ch 10368 and/or 14345.

GL in contest & best DX !
vy 73 de Tilo, DH1FM
Contestteam DF0MTL in JO60LK


Slovak stations during UHF Contest: http://vkvzavody.miesto.sk/koty/koty_druhf02.html



team OL8M will be QRV in UHF/SHF October contest from JN69JW, 732m ASL.

Our equipment:

432MHz 70W 2x23el. Yagi
1296MHz 10W 4x13el. Yagi

Every skeds are welcome!!

PR : ok1pgs@ok0ppl.#boh.cze.eu
E-mail : ok1mcs@seznam.cz
SMS : +420 603 703 722 or +420603703722@sms.paegas.cz

We will be also during the contest QRV in DXc and I hope also via WW Convers.

73! de Pavel, OK1MCS


Hello !

We will be qrv in IARU UHF/SHF contest on October 5th/6th
from JN76BL at 1944m asl.

Our equipment :

432 MHz : 400W & 4 x 18 el.
1296 MHz : 60W & 2 x 55 el.

We will be also on one of the dx clusters and probably via ww convers.
Skeds are welcome and can be arranged via S52CW@9a0tcp.ampr.org

73 de Uros, S52CW



70cm 300W 2x19-ele.F9FT
23cm 10W 35-ele.F9FT

E-mail: om2tw@contesting.com

73 de Riso OM2TW


Hi Contest-Freaks,

DL0PVD will take part in the IARU-Region-UHF/SHF-Contest on
5./6. October from JN49BO (314 m asl).

We will be only QRV on 70cm with FT847, our new GS31-PA
(400 Watt out), Preamp and a single 23 ele DL6WU.

The Crew:
DD9PL, DB3UN, DL3IAS, DK9PJ (?), DO9ZX and
DC1UR (at the beginning)

Sorry for all the Microwave-Freaks, but because of a leak
of operators this time we wonīt be QRV on the higher
bands at all.

So good luck in contest and hope to hear you.

73 de DL3IAS, Nino



Dear 23cm friends,

DF0HS/P is QRV on weekend 5/6th October 2002.
We are calling in CW and SSB on 1296.220 MHz
during the contest, our Locator is JO31AA.

We would be very happy if you would like to try a sked with us.
Please also tell your friends about these activities.

Our Station is:
4x24 el Yagi 150 Watts TX
2x47 el Yagi RX

If you would like to apply for a sked on 23cm,
please mail us at dl2keb@darc.de  or via Packet Mail to

During contest time we are also available via DX
Cluster, WW-Convers Channel 10368 and mobile phone, Number
+49-179-6213957 (call or SMS)

At the following times DF0HS/P is calling CQ on 23cm
in your direction:

OZ: Saturday, 05th of October, 16:00-17:00 UTC
OE: Saturday, 05th of October, 17:00 Uhr UTC
GM, GW, GI: Saturday, 05th of October, 20:00-21:00 UTC
F: Sunday, 06th of October, 07:00 UTC

vy 73 and hope to see you in the contest.

Erik, DL2KEB

Slovak stations during UHF Contest: http://vkvzavody.miesto.sk/koty/koty_druhf02.html