New 122GHz DX record!

Group of Austrian amateurs (OE3WOG/P, OE3WRA/P, OE/DL3MBG/P and OE5VRL/P) established on October 19. 2013 the new EU distance record on 122GHz!  Between JN68WS (Plöckenstein 1360 m asl) and JN67MR (Untersberg 1800 m asl) were, after tests on lower bands, exchanged reports 519/529 on QRB 132km. It was a result of combination of nice, dry sunny weather, extraordinary well done job of both designers of 122GHz amateur radio microwave equipment and long time experience with microwave operation. Maybe it was as well as the World DX record on 122GHz amateur radio band!

Congrats by all of OK2KKW team!

More info by Rudi OE5VRL:

Used gear:  

Untersberg side: (JN67MR13BK) OE3WOG/P, OE3WRA/P, OE/DL3MBG/P
1,2 mW CW TX
Ant. 47,2cm Dish
RX NF > 20db

Plöckenstein side: (JN68WS14QP) OE5VRL/P
0,5 mW CW TX
Ant. 121 cm Dish
RX NF > 20 db

We will check, if it this Dx QSO is even the World distance record.  Stay tuned!  

Original message by OE5VRL:

Hallo meine Freunde!
Wir haben heute bei wunderbarem Funkwetter eine tolle Funkverbindung machen können. OE3WOG/P, OE3WRA/P, OE/DL3MBG/P in JN67MR (Untersberg 1800 m asl) und OE5VRL/P in JN68WS (Plöckenstein 1360 m asl) ein 122 GHz QSO machen können. Es war ein CW QSO und die Signale waren 519 - 529.
Hier ein paar Bilder.
vy 73, Rudi