Zase nový rekord na 241GHz - 11.4km!


(na této adrese též najdete obrázky a zvukové záznamy)


Hi all-

I'd like to give the very latest update on our efforts at 241GHz beacuse some cold and dry WX again came our way.

On March 11th, 2002 at 02:25z WA1ZMS/4 worked W4WWQ over a new distance of 11.4km.

The details are:
WA1ZMS/4 37-33-04N 79-03-45W FM07ln
W4WWQ 37-33-56N 79-11-26W FM07jn

Mode used was FSK CW and gear is the same equipment that's been used of late for other 241GHz QSOs. This time, some additional performance was tweaked out of the RX IF amps.

Point to point distance: 11.4km
6-digit-grid to 6-digit-grid: 13.1km

I'd love to claim 13km, but I know the point to point distance is correct and is really the true distance.

WX at time of QSO:
Temp: 5.6C
Dew Point: -15C
Relative Humidity: 21%
Pres: 1025mb
Calculated loss: .647dB/km

I can honestly say that this looks like the limit of what we can do for DX with the gear I have without a major re-design. (ie: more power, bigger dish ant, new RX harmonic mixer, etc.) With spring just around the corner, it's unlikely we'll have much more in the way of cold WX.

I'd like to thank Pete, W4WWQ for going out again in the cold at night and for Dave, KD4EMU for going roving with me.

Brian, WA1ZMS/4