OE5VRL/5 JN78DK - TROPO REPORT 13-14.01 2006

hello Matej
here my results from the tropo opening 
70cm SM7GEP JO77IP 1024km,   SM3LBN JP80IO 1362km,    SM3BEI JP81NG 1440km, SK3UHF JP92FW 1633km Beacon hrd 
23cm SM7GEP JO77IP 1024km,    SM0DFP JO89VL 1249km,    SM3LBN JP80IO 1362km,    SM3BEI JP81NG 1440km,
13cm SM7GEP JO77IP 1024km,    SM7GEP JO77IP 1024km,    SM4LMV JO79OF 1202km,    SM3LBN JP80IO 1362km, SM3BEI JP81NG 1440km,
6cm SM0DFP JO89VL 1249km,    SM3BEI JP81NG 1440km (NEW IARU region 1. RECORD note of ok1teh!)
3cm SM0DFP JO89VL 1249km,
vy73 es gd dx de Rudi OE5VRL
note of webmaster OK1TEH: More reports at: http://www.ok2kkw.com/index_en.html