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Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2007 11:03 AM

Plans up to now:
2 Yagies on 144..around 16dbd gain..
2 Yagies on 432 around 20dbd gain
1 Yagies on 50 around 12dbd gain...
Will have 1kw on 144 and 6m   200w on 432 (sorry for that but to work HB9Q and DL9KR it will be enough, had 1kw with me in 5A but no response - so no more QRO on 432...)

QRG will be TX 144101 MHz and RX 144099 to 144101 MHz so no QRG Changes in JA EU and USA Windows.JT65B
6M QRG is 50202 Moonrise Moonset up and down from and to 20 Degrees Moon JT65A
D44 will be first always. QRV Moonrise to Moonset.
432 QRG will be 432060 is skeds ore someone is interested...No special cq times..
24 Houers Internet on N0UK CW nad JT Logger..ore cantact me via email ore my local msn name..

This time DL8LAQ,a very good and nice VHF Dxer,Norbert will be with me so i realy think we will have good chances to be on 50 MHz and 144 MHz same time on Moonrise and Moonset. We will also look out for Tropo and ES Conditions and maybe also a litle 23cm Tropo rig will be with us... If you need D4 on cw eme let me know ore just call us on JT QRG,
QSL goes via ON4IQ and we hope to have a onlinelog running...
Special for cw i talked with SV1BTR and we will cal cq first Minute always in the following dates and times:
DUBUS 2m cw eme activity event is:
August 3 2300-0030 UTC & August 4 0600-0730 UTC 144060
If we have much callers we will be on again in cw hours even longer..will be published on the net..
Setup is tested and all is running well...latest news will be shown here next week..
73 Frank