VI.  A.R.I. Italian E.M.E. Contest "New Modes" 2011, rules

Period:      From 00.00 UTC of 16 th April to 24.00 UTC of 17 th April 2011.
Bands:      50, 144, 432, 1296 MHz, only via Moon reflection.
Modes:     Those modes in which message decoding is charged to a computer, whilst validation and QSO management are made by the human

Categories for bands 50, 144, 432, 1296 MHz:
Stations are subdivided by type of antenna employed. For yagis the total length, in wavelengths, is considered (distance reflector-last
director multiplied by the number of yagis in the array), for parabolic reflectors the dish diameter is considered.

Category:   50 MHz.
Cat. Yagi
A Single Antenna
B Antennas Array

Category: 144 MHz. 1 wl = 2,08 m = 82" = 6' 10"
Cat. Yagi
A < 7.5 wl
B < 15 wl
C < 30 wl
D > 30 wl

Category: 432 MHz. 1 wl = 0,694 m = 27".340
Cat. Yagi,  Dish
A < 23 wl < 4.3m (14í)
B < 46 wl < 6.1m (20')
C > 46 wl > 6.1m (26í)

Category: 1,2 GHz.
Cat. Dish
A < 3m (10') & Yagi
B > 3m (14')

Note: Stations with cross yagis (H/V) or circular polarization are classified separately, provided itís not applied the downgrade.

Points:            For bilateral QSOs: 10 points.
Multipliers      Each different call prefix is a multiplier (i.e. DL1, DK3, G4, G0, I5, IK3, S50, S57, etc.). See example of WPX Contest rules for further
details on prefix multipliers.

Total Score:   Score = Total of QSO points * Total of multipliers.

Downgrading:  If the first of each category scores less than the first of the lower category, the whole category is moved into the lower.

Prizes:  To the first Italian and foreign Station of each category; a certificate will be sent to all the participants who sent the log in.
If somebody wins more than one category, he gets only one prize and certificates for the other categories won, while the prize for these
categories goes to the second placed and will be so described.

Special Prize: There will be a special prize drawn among all received logs

Log: Contest entries must be sent no later than 30 th June 2011
By e-mail to (it will be confirmed upon reception)

The log must contain a general section with Call, Name, Address (including e-mail), QTH Locator, Band, Category, Single/Multi-operator,
PA Power, Antenna dimensions and type.

The QSO log must contain Date, Hour, Call, Multiplier, Score per band of participation. Comments, conditions and pictures are welcome.
All logs should be forwarded, even those with a single entry, so that everyone can enter the competition for the participation prize.

Rules: Logs of stations using logger chats or cluster spots for information exchange about the actual QSOs will be considered control logs.
Use of cluster and logger spots indicating only call frequencies is allowed.

In case of protests, the decisions of the Contest Manager are final.

The Italian A.R.I. - E.M.E. Contest Manager
Enrico I5WBE April 2011