Yet another DX record claimed on 134 GHz

Yet another DX record claimed on 134 GHz (Mar 2, 2006) -- Inveterate microwave enthusiast Brian Justin, WA1ZMS, says he's once again topped his own claimed world DX record on the 134-GHz band. On February 26, Justin, operating as WA1ZMS/4 in EM96ur, and Pete Lascell, W4WWQ, in FM07fm--both in Virginia--exchanged reports on FSK-CW (copied by ear) over a distance of 114.4 km (approximately 70.9 miles). That beats his previous world DX record of 79.6 km (approximately 49.35 miles) set in

December. "What was likely to be the last cold weather front of this winter season passed through the mid-Atlantic region of the US," Justin said, "and so we thought we would take advantage of it and try for better DX than our former record of 79 km." He believes the pair could have spanned a considerably longer distance because of the extremely low humidity--25 percent or less on both ends of the contact--and consequent low atmospheric losses. "We had several dB of signal margin on both

ends of the QSO but didn't have any more distant sites to take easy advantage of it at the time," Justin observed. "It has been a rather warm winter here in the eastern US, and if 'global warming' doesn't limit our future plans, we hope to be back next fall with even more 134 GHz DX!"