4.element Yagi  (QTF 150 Deg.)

Praded TV transmitter

Spring view to Praded from North side

OK0EP Beacon

OK0EP UHF Beacon

OK0EP is a 70 cm band beacon, built by OK1VPZ in 1981 and turn to the operation already in 1982. This beacon is located on Praded hill in Jeseniky Mountains (north-east of Czech Republic, just on the border between JO80OC and JO80OB locators), at the height about 1500 m a.s.l., installed at the 3.rd floor of the TV transmitter tower. As of June 1985 when the equipment was upgraded the beacon is continuously in the operation without any interuption. It seems to be one of the most stable and reliable UHF beacons in Europe. There are 2 four element Yagis at azimuth of 150 and 270 degrees.

General Beacon Information

Freq: 432.886 MHz
Call:  OK0EP
ASL: 1505 m
Antenna: 2 x 4 el Yagi
Beam: 270/150
Power: 2x3 W ERP

Note: last measurement at 18. November 2000 shows:

Beacon output power: 29.6 dBm  Frequency: 432.88593 MHz

(Download of OK0EP signal sample take few seconds)