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Subject: [Moon-net] OK1UWA and W5LUA 24 GHz EME QSO
On September 24 at 1400 UTC OK1UWA and W5LUA completed the first ever 24 GHz
EME QSO between the 2 countries. This was Josef's first 24 GHz EME QSO and
he was my third initial on 24 GHz. Signal report at W5LUA was "M" copy while
I was "M" to "O" copy at OK1UWA.
We had tried several times in August but no success. OK1UWA was able to hear
me but I could not hear OK1UWA. This was our second sked this month which
ended up with a success.
Josef's station is a 3 meter prime focus dish with 35 watts at the feed,
vertically polarized.
My station is a 3 meter prime focus dish with 70 watts at the feed,
horizontally polarized to account for the spatial offset between NA and
Best 73
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