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Subject: [Moon-net] Announcement of the first QSOs via the moon on 47 GHz.

April 16, 2005 - Announcement of the first QSOs via the moon on 47 GHz.

The team of RW3BP, AD6FP, W5LUA, and VE4MA would like to announce that
the first 47 GHz contacts via the moon have been completed. 
As you may recall, RW3BP heard the first lunar echoes on 47 GHz back
in August of 2004. At that time he was heard by AD6FP, W5LUA, VE4MA and VE7CLD.
Since the receipt of the first 47 GHz echoes via the moon, numerous tests
between RW3BP and AD6FP led to improvements by RW3BP allowing him to copy
calls from the lower power signal of AD6FP in January of 2005. 

As of April 16, 2005 the team of AD6FP, W5LUA and VE4MA have each 
completed a CW QSO via the moon with RW3BP. 

The station at RW3BP consists of a 2.4M offset fed dish and 100 plus watts
while the station at AD6FP consists of a 1.8M offset fed dish and 30 watts.
At W5LUA and VE4MA 2.4M offset fed dishes and 30 watt TWTs were used. 
Noise figures of all stations are in the 3.5 to 4.7 dB range. 

Since the doppler shift can be as much as 100 + kHz at 47 GHz, one must
continuously adjust the receive frequency to keep the station centered
in the passband. Precision frequency control was obtained by using GPS
controlled, Rubidium locked, or TV sync controlled phase locked local
oscillators. Various techniques were in use to keep the Doppler shifted
frequency in the passband of the receivers.

Submitted by RW3BP, AD6FP, W5LUA and VE4MA


RW3BP installing 47 GHz TWT in his antenna      RW3BP ex UW3FL (on 10th Int.EME Conference 2002 in Prague)