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Subject: [Moon-net] WSJT 4.9.6

Dear EME Friends,

WSJT Version 4.9.6 is now available for free download at the WSJT web site, http://pulsar.princeton.edu/~joe/K1JT/, 
and soon also from the European mirror site, http://www.dk5ya.de/.

The most important change is a bug fix.  Version 4.9.5 would sometimes refuse to decode received files with high S/N 
and good Sync.  This has been fixed.  Other enhancements are described in 
As always, I will appreciate any feedback on this new release.


Several people have suggested that I might act as a "North American collection point" for contributions intended for 
our EME colleague Genadij Sherstkij, RN6MT, whose home and virtually all of his belongings were utterly destroyed by 
a fire.

I am willing to do this, with the following plan of action. I will accept personal checks, payable to me and sent by 
mail to the address below.  I will acknowledge each one I receive, by email if possible. After about two weeks I will 
deposit all of them, convert the funds appropriately for transmission, and send them in a secure way either to Gena 
or to someone (Sergej, UR5LX ?) who has been designated to receive them.

I hope that someone in EU will be willing to act in a similar way. Please consider making a contribution. As a group 
we can make an enormous difference to Gina as he tries to reconstruct his life.

My address is:

	Joe Taylor, K1JT
	272 Hartley Avenue
	Princeton, NJ  08540

-- 73, Joe, K1JT
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