From: Matej, OK1TEH
For: OK2KKW discussion board
Sent on 12. 12. 2007, 00:15:43

Interesting - when I tried find in UA3 region someone for MS 70cm sked, i got this shocking response:

23:30:21 RA3AH Igor (OK1TEH) Matej.around MOSCOW radius-330km we cant work on 432 MHz
23:31:21 G8VHI Reg-8 RA3AH why is Mr Putin the only one who makes 70cms in ko85?
23:33:01 RA3AH Igor in 2006 our goverment said-only military in Moscow capital
23:34:56 RA3AH Igor but in FD we dont think about it.worked,work and will work
23:51:23 HA5CW Joska @JN97PM RA3AH Nado sdelatx revoljucija za 432 MHz! :-))
23:53:02 RA3AH Igor no only military for our president.sri,6887.0.html