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Subject: [Moon-net] 9H1ES QSO with EA5YB

Hi, after several attempts during the passed weekends trying to make
qso with EA3XU on 3cm, last sunday 17th July,  I have managed to make
complete QSO SSB with EA5YB on 10.368,150.  The signals were between 
55 to 59 with QSB.
As talkback we used 1296.200MHz because the propagation was better on 
23cm then on 2m. Also 9H1VW who was assisting me managed with his rig
make complete QSO with only 200mw and 65cm dish on the peak of the

Now I am looking for SV and 4x4 stations, qso with them is quite 
possible and on line of sight.

If someone want skeds on 23cm, 13cm and 3cm please send me an email 
and within one hour I will be on 250m ASL.

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Note (by OK1VPZ): QRB of that 3 cm QSO is about 1240 km (!)
Tropo condx on 17.7: