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The 2006 edition of Marconi Memorial Contest 144MHz has concluded with more than 500 logs received.

Thanks to all, especially who has operated for 24 hours looking for a personal result, but also contributing to make big a Contest which is at its 34th edition.

Thanks to the managers who, with the collection and the first control, have helped me to write the ranking in very short time and with great precision.

Thanks to the clubs, and to the IARU Reg. 1 which, inserting this competition in the calendar has contributed to fuel the love for a Contest which, despite the actual laws, lives and is loved because it is in CW.

And thanks especially to the Bologna A.R.I club, which every year, through IK4UPU Anton, gives continuity and reliability, contributing to award the worthy stations.

Exactly 547 logs has been sent to me, among whom 418 Single, and 124 Multi, with some stations asking to be inserted as control logs. The logs has come from 20 DXCC Countries, giving interest also to the DX hunters.


This year I want to award a station which has generated interest for the activated Country T9, going on air as T9/DL1MGZ, congratulations!


A particular plaudit to S55M who, among 315 QSO, has succeeded to complete his log with a very few error percentage, and who should have deserved surely much more, without taking out merits to the first two in the ranking, because he has been particularly accurate in the participation to the contest.


On this subject, I want to clarify that with the next year, there will be a slight modification to the rules, that is logs with an error percentage greater than 8% on the QSO or on the score will be considered CONTROL LOGS. This will be done to make the rules of the different Contests uniform.

And more, the managers of the different Countries, will have to send me the Contest logs within January 1st 2008, this because I would like to succeed in giving awards during some big event, giving the right importance to the winners, and for this reason I ask to the managers to respect the requested deadline (thanks).


Thanks again to all and congratulations to the winners of the 34th Marconi Memorial Contest who are:


Single Op.                                                                                                          Multi Op.


1 – DK6AS           183.652                                                                                1 – DK0BN                          192.236

2 – S55M              124.338                                                                                2 – OL2R                             182.638

3 –DK1KC           105.212                                                                                 3 – IK5ZWU/6                    162.582


See you at next edition which will be the 35th for 144MHz and the 5th for 50MHz Marconi Memorial Contest.

Contest Committee

 Thanks, bye, 73 de IV3SIX Claudio

A.R.I. Band Manager VHF UHF 


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