OK1VPZ Comment to the HF transceivers performance chart:

In our praxis for more precise calculation (not as in the list shown noise performance for SSB filter) is used noise performance for 1 Hz unit. (1 Hz of filter bandwidth).

So for ordinary use add to the (in chart) submitted noise (reciprocal mixing and TX noise) performance + 34 dB (2.5 kHz SSB filter is 34 dB wider than 1 Hz). After that you will get the result in dBc/Hz units.

(For example - FT 1000 MP has in 20 kHz space from carrier aprox. - 137 dBc/Hz local oscillator sideband noise and 130 dBc/Hz overall TX noise).

Parammeters were measured at 7 MHz band. But for those transceivers with high (above the HF band) 1.st IF will be performance at 21 or 28 MHz almost the same - maybe only 1-2 dB worse.

Because in this matter were not described noise spectrum of test oscillator and methodology of measurment, results are a bit uncertain from the perspective of absolute values. But in any case it is good help, how compare those transceivers each to other.