--- Původní zpráva ---
Datum: 8/16/2005
Od: "Eircom mail" <ei5fk@eircom.xxx>
Předmět: contact on 2m

Matej, thanks for ur request, im am flattered
16/08/2005 0930 RW1ZC/MM IK18PQ abt 3750km
great signals 55 no problem via tropo
Qso times were
0930 RW1ZC/MM IK18PQ 54/57
0952 RW1ZC/MM IK18PQ 539/559
1130 RW1ZC/MM IK18QW 53/57
1229 RW1ZC/MM IK18QW 549/559
ALEX was in a fishing boat off  Mauritania  and running 100w to 9ele, he
will be qrv in  IK16, IK17, IK18 and IK19 squares

The existing record has been in place since 1988, though G4LOH made a very
nice qso abt 1 month ago abt 3493km..........
here running gs-35 and 5wl...no LNA

73 Charles EI5FK