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From: Pedro Miguel Nogueira [mailto:op101568@mail.telepac.pt]
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 2:33 AM
To: sked@yahoogroupes.fr
Subject: [sked] MS SKEDs during Perseids 144mhz SSB and FSK441

Hi All,

I am looking for skeds during Perseids on 144Mhz SSB or FSK441 with
stations in the follow squares:

IN77, IN89, IN99

IO54, IO61,IO62, IO68, IO70, IO72, IO74, IO76, IO77, IO78,

IO85,IO88, IO89, IO95

JN08, JN14, JN15, JN24, JN28, JN40, JN42, JN90

JM79, JM88, JN99

If you are in one of these squares and want to try with me during Perseids,
please send email to ct1dyx.pedro@mail.telepac.pt with your proposal

My Call: CT1DYX

Locator: IN51qd
ASL: 100 mts
phone: +351963484388

My working conditions:

Power: 150 watts
Antenna: 17el. F9FT

Thanks in advance and Good Reflections

73s Pedro Miguel, CT1DYX