Od: EME-net@yahoogroups.com za uivatele DL8EBW@1&1 [guy@dl8ebw.de]
Odeslno: 1. jna 2006 11:29
Komu: Mailingliste EA-VHF; Mailingliste EME1; Mailingliste EME2; Mailingliste I-VHF; Mailingliste OH
P edmt: [EME-net] VHF-news

Hallo dear VHF-friends,

Here the regular monthly overview about latest updates on the
VHF-Internet info-platform http://www.dl8ebw.de/ACTUAL/actual.html

* MAKE MORE MILES ON VHF - the best place in EUROPE for VHF-Expeditions
All infos around VHF-expeditions comming up in the near future
together with update form for user informations online...

* MAKE MORE MILES ON VHF -Page 2- refreshed daily infos if
an expedition take part and I will have news from it -
Means possible short form logs, conditions, changes
or anything the expeditionär spread out during his trip
as well as infos around the big MS-Shower: LEONIDs.

* For all who wants to be informed when bigger events, pse
use the MAILINGLIST: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMM_on_VHF/
Suscribe: MMM_on_VHF-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
(to unsubscribe its a very easy way from YAHOO as well...)

* Linktable to the M[ost] W[anted] S[quares]-Project were
the archived maps from my 1996 to 2006 inquiry are available
together with latest infos...

* LINKs to the different VHF-DATABASE´s of DL8EBW.
Explanation what will be the different types as well as
online-links to the different programs use on it
and a new update form for user...
New output planned for begin of oct 2006 (issue 2.30)

* DOWNLOAD-AREA for Meteorscatter and WSJT-DATABASE
(CALLSIGN.TXT, CALL3.TXT for using with WSJT of K1JT)
within next week the new issue 2.30-10/2006 available!!!

* Guestbook-page for any ideas or critics...

* VHF-link page and many many more...

Kind regards es hope to cuagn on 144MHz de Guy DL8EBW

* 73 de D L 8 E B W Guido (Guy) DL66a/JO31NF +++++++++++ *
* * * VHF-DX-Group DL-West * * I *
* qrv EME & MS in SSB,HSCW(3500lpm) and WSJT VHF I DX *
* Editor of the "MS-SHOWER-LIST" the "VHF[MS]-DX-DATABASE" *
* aswell as the [M]ake-[M]ore-[M]iles On VHF-Expeditionpage *
* and Mailinglist http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMM_on_VHF/ *
* e-mail: guy@dl8ebw.de SMS-Mail: 01722155903@vodafone.de *
* NEWS and INFOS at: http://www.dl8ebw.de/Actual/actual.html *
* ICQ-Pager # : 278108951 MSM & SKYPE-Pager # : DL8EBW *

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