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Dear EME Friends,

The 2006 ARRL International EME Competition begins with the microwave portion on  September 16-17. The segments for 50-1296 MHz are
on the weekends of October 14-15 and November 11-12.

This is a good time to follow up on the positive efforts made by the entire EME community about seven months ago (see
http://pulsar.princeton.edu/~joe/K1JT/EME_Principles_and_Actions.PDF ).
We wish to bring the following clarification of the ARRL EME contest rules to everyone's attention.

We asked the following two questions of Dan Henderson, N1ND, and Tom Hogerty, KC1J, at ARRL headquarters. Dan is the former ARRL Contest Branch Manager; Tom has just recently taken up this position.

1. Is "self-spotting" permissible for stations who enter in the Single Operator Assisted category?

2. Is active solicitation or pre-arrangement of QSOs by non-amateur means permitted during the contest?

The ARRL response is as follows:

"Self spotting is never permissible for any station - regardless of the category. This is in the General Rules for All ARRL Contests:

3.14.In contests where spotting nets are permissible, spotting your own station or requesting another station to spot you is not permitted.

Active solicitation by non-amateur means during the contest is also never permitted (except in the 10GHz and Up contest ONLY). This is in
the General Rules for All ARRL Contests:

3.10.The use of non-Amateur Radio means of communication (for example, Internet or telephone) to solicit a contact (or contacts) during the
contest period is not permitted."

We think that self-policing is the best policy. If you enter the 2006 EME contest in the Single Operator Assisted category, please remember
that passive use of loggers is permissible, as is the spotting of other stations; but self-spotting and the real-time arrangement of QSOs are
not permitted by the rules.

In addition, we wish to remind you to include mode information (CW, digital, SSB) for each QSO in your contest log.

We ask you to join us in spreading this information as widely as possible.

Best wishes to all, and and good luck in the contest!

Graham Daubney, F5VHX
Joe Taylor, K1JT
Dimitris (Jimmy) Vittorakis, SV1BTR


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