EME contest March 27/28
Hello VHF-Friends!

Next weekend is the 2nd part of the DUBUS EME contest, covering also the
2m part. A good chance for the smaller stations to test the digital modes
like JT65 etc. A friend of mine just made his 1st qso's with 150W into a
9el DK7ZB mounted fixed with 15 deg. elevation.
You can find the moon position in several dx-clusters typing the command
I will be qrv from my eme qth in jo41gu using 4x14el. DJ7UD.

Below is the contest information in plain text as it could be found at

VY 73 de Ulli, DL3YEL

Sponsored by DUBUS and REF

The EU WW EME contest is intended to encourage world-wide activity on moonbounce.
Multipliers are DXCC countries plus *** ALL W/VK/VE STATES ***. This gives equal
chances for stations from North America, Europe and Oceania. The rules reward
random QSOs, but do not penalize skeds on 2.3GHz or above. Winners (1st places)
receive free subscriptions to DUBUS magazine!

1. Contest Dates & Bands:
First weekend: 432 MHz, 2.3 GHz to 5.7 GHz 06-07 MARCH 2004, 00- - 24UTC
Second weekend: 144 MHz, 1.3 GHz and 10 GHz 27-28 MARCH 2004, 00 - - 24 UTC

2. Sections and Awards:
QRP 144MHz <100kW EIRP 432MHz <400kW EIRP 1296MHz <600kW EIRP
>= 2300MHz no separate QRP/QRO categories
QRO On 144, 432 and 1296MHz, stations with EIRP equal to or greater than stated above.
PRO Non-amateur equipment or antenna. PRO stations will have scores listed separately.
There are no separate multi-operator classes. Multi-operator and QRO stations will be
highlighted in the general classifications. All QRP/QRO band winners and QRP/QRO
multiband winners will receive a year's free subscription to DUBUS magazine. In each
band/section, certificates will be sent to the top ten entries and to the
highest-scoring station in the southern hemisphere.

4. Contest Exchange: For a valid QSO, both stations must transmit and receive both
callsigns + TMO/RST + R. During a QSO, on any band, liaison by any other means
(eg DXcluster, Internet, telephone) is forbidden! There is no restriction on modes,
but entrants must not cause inter-mode QRM.

5. Logs: Logs must be separate for each band, and should be in normal "logbook" format.
Top line: Your callsign, Band Each QSO: Date/time, Callsign, Report sent, Report
received, Points, Multiplier Bottom line: Total points, Total multipliers, Total
claimed score.

5. QSO Points: 100 points for each random QSO completed.
10 (ten) points for each sked QSO completed on 144/432/1296MHz. 100 points for each
random or sked QSO completed on 2.3GHz or higher bands.

6. Multipliers: Each DXCC country (except W/VE/VK), or EACH INDIVIDUAL STATE worked
in W/VE/VK. Multipliers count only if worked by RANDOM (except on 2.3GHz or above).
States and provinces can be determined after the contest using recent Newsletters,
on the Web or in DUBUS.

7. Total Scores: Single band score = [Total of QSO points] * [Total of multipliers].
There will be one QRP winner and one QRO winner on each band. Multiband score = 
[(Total sum of points on 144-1296MHz) + (2 * total sum of points on 2.3GHz or above)]
* [Total sum of multipliers on all bands]
There will be one QRP multiband winner and one QRO multiband winner. Multiband
stations will also be listed as an entry on each separate band worked, and can also
win single-band awards.

8. Contest Entries: Copy of the log for each band with details of points, multipliers
and total points. The following information MUST also be included for each band: 

  1. Output power, transmit cable loss, antenna type and gain. 
  2. Category: QRO/QRP single/multi operator 
  3. Name(s) of all operators 
  4. Locator/State. Other info is welcome: Comments, conditions, locator, station
     details, photographs, etc.

9. Sending Your Entry: Contest entries MUST be sent no later than 30 days after the
end of the second weekend (i.e. in the mail or e-mail by 30 APRIL 2004).

Mail address: Patrick Magnin, F6HYE, Marcorens, F-74140 BALLAISON, France
You can also e-mail your contest entry in ASCII format to: f6hye@ref-union.org
All email entries will be acknowledged within one week.

10. Referee: N.N. For rules and general questions contact: info@dubus.de
Good Luck in the Contest!
For REF: Patrick Magnin, F6HYE For DUBUS: Joachim Kraft, DL8HCZ