May 14/15, 00-24 UTC : 144MHz, 2.3 GHz, 3.4 GHz


The May VHF EME Dubus Contest 2005  countdown: -

by Matej, OK1TEH - ok1teh@seznam.cz


Hello 2m EME Friends:
I will be QRV on 144 MHz CW only during much of the contest both days. Here are my times for moonrise & when I will call CQ on 144.058 +/-.
14 May at 0000z - EL 80 deg & looks to almost be end of EU window. I'll spend a few hours answering CQ's & calling CQ.
14 May at 1800z - my moonrise. Will answer CQ's until my EL is abt 20 deg at 2000z. Then will start calling CQ. Will be QRV for several hours.
15 May at 1900z - my moonrise. Will answer CQ's until EL is abt 20 deg at 2045z & then call CQ. Will be QRV until end of contest at 2400z.
Hope to work MANY of you & GL in the contest.
73,Bob, K6PF DM13ar
4 x M^2 2MXP20's (19dBd, x-pol) 8877 HPA running 1.5KW
FT-1000MP, LT-2S & TE Systems driver amp - Bob Kocisko" <k6pf@sbcglobal.net>

I will start on 14 May at 0200Z on both bands until my Moon set at about 0630Z.
My 13 cm operation will deteriorate for lower elevations due to the very high level
of ISM band 2400  2484 MHz interference. I can still receive stronger signals with noise blanker.

On 14 May my windows begins at 1830Z ( EL=6 deg) for 144 MHz and about one hour later for 13 cm

I will be QRV again for JA window on 15 May from 0300Z

On 15 May my window begins at 1930Z for 144 and one hour later on 13 cm.

I will concentrate on 13 cm, but I will visit 144 MHz from time to time.

GL in the contest, 73 Paul WA6PY  DM13LA "Paul Chominski" <pchominski@Jaalaa.com>

Dear friends

We will be QRV as follows:

We will be active May 14th from 09.00z to 00.00z on 144 and 432. We will be
participating at the DUBUS EME Contest on 144 MHz.

Depending on activity we may go QRT for a few hours and come back later or next day.

On May 15th we may be QRV between 10.00z to 00.00z dependig on the activity on May 14th.

Please look for us on 
144.111 jt65b or 144.040 CW (plus minus QRM)
432.040 jt65c or 432.020 CW (plus minus QRM)

If you want to work us, look for us on the jt-logger at http://www.chris.org/cgi-bin/jt65eme 
or send an e-mail with your sked-request to dan@hb9q.ch or look for us on the above frequencies.

We hope to work many of you during those days!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q


Hello friends,
I will be QRV on 144 MHz 14-15 May CW and JT65B .
Hope to work most of you .Please, look for me on 144.044 CW,
and 144.144 JT65B.
73 and good luck in the contest!
16x5wl X-yagi,KO48VR

Best regards,
Alex mailto:ru1aa@rlk.pu.ru

I have about 60 W at the feed on 2320 and will be listening on 2304 and 2424at the same time.
Look for me on 2320 at 16 MHz above your 2304 frequency, i.e if you call CQ on 2304.100 I will respond on 2320.100.
I will try to do the same on 2424 but the 2424 rx uses a separate LO.
The wx forecast does not look good with very strong winds from the East so I may not be able to operate
at all or perhaps only when the dish is looking towards the west.
I had hoped to have 200+ w from two MRF21120 cut out UMTS modules but they will not stay stable
despite having only 10dB gain!
GL and 73 Peter G3LTF
"peter blair" <g3ltf@btinternet.com>

Hello 13 cm ops

I will be operating in the Dubus 13 cm contest this weekend unless weather prohibits operation. Here is my plan.

May 14 0200Z to 0500Z looking towards JAs and NA. I will also be monitoring 2424.1 MHz +/- per JA4BLC's
                       earlier schedule
May 14 1800Z and on...I will also be monitoring 2320.1 MHz +/-
May 15 after 1900Z

If anyone is interested in a sked, please let me know otherwise I will see you on random.
GL in the contest. Hope to work a few new ones.
Just in case you are new to the band, most of the EME activity is from 2304.025 to 2304.100 MHz. This includes
NA and most of Europe.

The G's and GWs and some DL's will be on 2320.050 to 2320.1 MHz and working crossband.

The JAs will be transmitting on 2424.1 MHz +/- and listening for NA and Europe on 2304 and some 2320.

I am using a 5M Dish and 300 watts from a VA-802B Klystron which was first used by W3GKP to work W4HHK
for the first 13 cm EME QSO that took place in 1970. That was 35 years ago!

Best 73

Al Ward

al_ward@agilent.com <al_ward@agilent.com>

Hello to all

SV1BTR will be qrv both days on 144MHz for Dubus EME Contest, cw random, unassisted.

Hope to hear most of you, and not only European stations.

Jimmy SV1BTR
2m: 16*6el. xpol 22dbd
70cm: 8*26el. 8.5wl H pol. 25.5dbd
DIMITRIS VITORAKIS [jimmyv@hol.gr]

I will be qrv in eme contest
CW random handing out QSO's
JT65b skeds via JT65b logger and dxcluster spots


 50 MHz eme: 4x 6M9KHW FT1000mpMkV+FTV1000
144 MHz eme: 8x 2M18XXX + TS2000X + GS35

http://www.on4iq.com  The ON4IQ 6m pages
The hamradio chat any band http://www.chris.org/cgi-bin/jt65eme EME shedule page

ON4IQ [on4iq@telenet.be]

Hi all,

We will be active on 13cm from SK0UX on Saturday from around 0800z and for as long
as the moon is up. 
Our setup has been somewhat improved, the chirp on tx should be gone, rx nf is a couple
of db:s better. Rx on 2304,2308,2320 and 2424.

Our setup will be
The 6m dish with a VE4MA feed
TX: 350w in the feed
RX: 0.5db nf

Depending on the number of operators that shows up we might be on 144Mhz also.

73:s good luck this weekend!
/Hans SM0MXO and Viljo/ES5PC

Hans Gustavsson [gustavsson.hans@bredband.net]

I will be on 13 cm next weekend.
TX 2304 - 2320 MHz
RX 2304 - 2320 - 2424 MHz
I work with a new PA on the feed: 2 x MRF21125, 200 W out.

Philippe PIERRAT - F2TU

Philippe P [f2tu.mnet@guideo.fr]

I plan to be active in the contest but only on Saturday's pass, between 1130z and 0100z.

So if you don't want to miss the EA6 multiplipier you will have to work me on Saturday!

I will be active only in Random but in Assisted category, mainly in JT65B mode but I could also
 make some calls in CW, depending on activity.

Good luck and fun to all!

73. Gabriel - EA6VQ (JM19MP) 8x17 2M5WL & 8877 
Web-Site: HTTP://www.vhfdx.net 
VQLog: HTTP://www.vqlog.com 
DX Sherlock: HTTP://www.vhfdx.net/spots 

Gabriel - EA6VQ [ea6vq_ml@vhfdx.net]

This evening I will be visiting IW2FZR. We will try some filters and 
other jazz on his 23cm gear. Therefore we would like to announce that 
we will be active on 23cm random as IW2FZR. Dario does not have 
internet at the station and I have to leave within one hour to drive to 
his home so, taking an Email-sked it sounds a bit of a problem. Still 
you can try either sending a message to me or to dario296@virgilio.it he 
may have more chances to read it. Or show up around calling freq.

We shall be active from 1630 UTC, stop for a pizza a little later, and 
restart to stay on at least till 2200-2300 UTC. That's today 15 May.

Beers and wine will be at the shack so we shall keep warm...

73s to all,

Sergio IK2MMB

Sergio [ik2mmb@email.it]


Just to let you know that I'll be QRV in the DUBUS EME Contest on 2m in the next weekend. I'll try
to listen to JT65 too but activate mainlly in CW. If CONDX will be good, I'll try to CQ on 144.060.
Good luck and hope to work some of you on CW.

73 de YO3FFF
RIG: 5WL yagi with full elev, MGF1302, 800W, Spectran.
cris [yo3fff@rnc.ro]

To all 2 Meter EME Stations:

Ernie, KC4/W1MRQ is QRV from the Antarctica. He is very much looking for 
schedules!!! Naturally Moon time is limited to that part of the world but 
there is good moon at certain times of the month.

For most people this is a new country.

PLEASE contact Ernie at: Ernest.Gray@usap.gov if you want a schedule for 
May or beyond.

He is at Grid Sq: RB32HD

144.118 MHz KC4 TX First on JT65B

4 x 5 el 170 Watts

Lionel, VE7BQH

I will be activive on 13 cm in DUBUS Contest 
Saturday 14 May from 10,00 to 23.30 UT and Sunday 15 May from 11,00 to 23,50 UT.
I can work ,RX/TX, on 2304, 2320 and 2424 MHz 100 watts on the feed and 10 m dish. 
73 Franta OK1CA "Franta Strihavka" <ok1ca@ges.cz>


HI3TEJ informed me he is planning to be activty over the weekend in the contest. 
I still need confirmation about the setup (1x17 or 2x17el) and
if the KW amp will arrive in time, otherwise 170watts out.
I should be easy shot for 4 yagi stations.

Ted HI3TEJ is active JT65b only and will be on the logger JT65

Johan Johan <on4iq@telenet.be>


Hi friends,
I will be QRV on 2m, MAY 14 and MAY 15.
Freq.144.048 MHz, CW.
73s,Stan "Stan OK1MS" <OK1MS@seznam.cz>