Estonia, ES0/DL---.

The members of the North Eastern Contest Gang are going on tour again this time to ES0, Saaremaa Island, Estonia.
We'll leave from JO73 on Saturday, June 18th, and will be on Saaremaa Island on Monday, June 20th. If time permits and depending on how fast we do the car driving we might activate a few squares inbetween on our way through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia aswell (night stopps planned for KO13 or KO14 and KO27). We will stay then on Saaremaa until June 27th.
Having our "base camp" in KO18 square we will do side trips to at least KO08 from there, probably KO07/KO17 aswell.
We will be QRV on 6 m (look for us on 50.183 MHz +/-, when the band is open) via Tropo, Sporadic E and hopefully some Aurora running an IC-706 at 100 watts into a 4 or 5 ele beam (depending on activated grid square) and on 2m on 144.383 MHz as well. We have 350W and 9 el antenna. Preffered mode will be MS / WSJT. In case of SSB and tropo QRG 144.283MHz.
The team will consist of Uwe/DL3BQA, Heiko/DG1BHA, SWL Gabi and Olli/DH8BQA. Callsigns used will be ES0/homecall. Furthermore hoping to be able to announce activity times through the packet cluster network as well as via the usual e-mail reflectors and our homepage at After arriving we might also publish an Estonian mobile phone number (will buy a prepaid card over there).
Best 73's on behalf of the crew, Olli - DH8BQA (one of the DF0TEC/P contest gang)

Tnx Olli for info!