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Hi everbody,
a first post from Ian Morison G0DMU.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lovell Telescope we are equipping it with a 432 Mhz CR feed and receiver to listen for Moonbounce signals on Sunday 17th of June. As part of a Literary Festival that weekend we have commissioned a poet to write a suitable poem and, on the preceeding Friday, school children will also write poems to be sent to the moon and back.

I will be setting up a low power system with a 19 element yagi and 400W linear to send SSB and CW using, on the Saturday, my own call G0DMU but on the Sunday GB50 EME (50 years Earth-Moon-Earth). I rather doubt any other system could here me on SSB , but it is just possible that I could be heard on CW.

We would like to do two things on Sunday 17th:

1) On the morning of the 17th perhaps from 10 am to 12 noon to listen out for any eme stations who would like to call us. We cannot transmit with the Lovell Telescope but will send a confirmatory e-mail as we recieve signals.

It would be best if any stations who would like to contact JBO to e-mail me and I will organise a schedule that I will post on our website: www.jb.man.ac.uk/public/im/eme.html and confirm a time slot by e-mail. We will produce a nice QSL card - sent to you by e-mail.

2) It would be great if some stations could transmit on SSB and read some of the poems on air in the afternoon. I believe that the Moon is visible from quite a good part of the World that afternoon! Again, e-mail me if you could join in and I will arrange to send you the text prior to the Sunday and arrange a time slot which will also appear on the web page.

We will be testing the system on Saturday 16th and if any stations could help in sending some test signals we would be very greatful. Again e-mail me if you can help.

I will be in partial e-mail contact until next Wednesday, the 3rd June, but then out of contact until Monday 11th June when I will be in continuous contact again.

I look forwards to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ian Morison