--- Původní zpráva ---
Datum: 9/16/2005
Od: "Daniel Gautschi, HB9CRQ" <dan@hb9q.ch>

Dear friends

In an effort to bring more activity to 432 EME I started to put together 
a list of active stations on 432 EME JT-mode. This are the stations which 
so far did send me their information.

I will continue with your help to keep this list up to date and hopefully
growing! The list is also on my home-page at www.hb9q.ch on the 432-page.

I know there must be many more stations active or capable of JT on 432!

Please send your input to dan@hb9q.ch. Please use the exact format (see
list) of data entry, it makes my job much easier! - Many thanks!

  432 EME stations QRV in JT65 as of September 16th 2005:
Call Grid Antenna Power QRV number of
JT QSOs made
AE6EQ CM95oh 16x14el 700W yes 6
HB9Q JN47cg 15m dish 2KW yes 106
JA6AHB PM53 7m dish 1KW yes 20
KE2N FM18ew 16x9wl 800W yes 9
K2UYH FN20qg 28' dish 1KW yes ~30
K3MF FM19xp 8 x 25el 800W yes 5
KL7FH BP41bb 16x12el 100W yes 4
KL7UW BP40iq 1x16.5dBd 50W yes 0
M0EME IO93gf 4x19el 100W yes 2
OE3FVU JN78ve 1x13wl 35W yes 1
OK1TEH JO70fd 1x23el 500W yes 3
PE1ITR JO21qk 2x28el GS35b yes 9
SM3JQU JP82qm 4x32el 750W yes 2
SV1AWE KM17vu 4x21el n.a. yes 3
W7AMI DN13vo 4x10.6wl 800W yes 26
W7IUV DN07dg 1x33el 50W yes 2
VK2SN QF56oc 4x28el Legal Power yes ?
VK4AFL QG62om 16x15el 100w yes 4
VK4CDI QG52xh 1x22el 100W yes 1
ZL2DX RE87rr 1x18el 100W yes 1
ZS6NK KG46rc 2x13wl 120W yes 3
The last 10 days I got the impression, that finally activity is also picking
up on 432 EME, with a several new small stations making their first QSO. I
hope this trend gets stronger and that the newcomers enjoy EME and improve
their stations, so they can work more other stations in JT and CW!

Vy 73

Dan, HB9Q