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EME Hell Writing
by IQ4DF team

Some time is passed since we have completed a 10GHz two-way Hell Writing QSO with I5PPE located in Firenze.
That was accomplished at 19:40z of Saturday October 23rd 2004, while we were operating our Bagnara di Romagna (JN45vj) station; here you can listen to some recording (video/audio) taken during the QSO.
This event happened just the day before our traditional yearly Italian Microwave Mini-Congress, hosted and organized by our CRBR Association (IQ4DF), and held in Mordano a village nearby the IQ4DF station.
We also took advantage of the presence of a lot of EMErs friends (I3DLI, S55UUU, IK2MMB) which were already on-site to attend to the next day’s Microwave Congress.
We believe that this QSO has been the first ever two-ways EME QSO utilizing such method; this is not only about the 10GHz band, but also on any other ham-radio band.
Before it eventually gets too late, we'd like to undoubtedly be recognized with the paternity of such event.
So we intend to formally inform the traditional 'ham channels' and media about it.
The software needed to achieve such accomplishment was conceived by Andy, IW4CJM,
here you can see the signal as transmitted (2M6).
Andy, along with the rest of the CRBR group, worked for many long days before the event, testing and optimizing the software.
The software was refined 'live' spending a great deal of time listening to our own echoes
(you can listen to some of them here)(1M6) and also closely involving other ham stations such like I5PPE, IK5WJD at first, and later also Jean Jacque F1EHN and Philippe F5JWF.
These guys sent us their recordings, for us to analyze
(1)(1M2)(2)(1M8)(I suggest to use your water-fall prog.).
When Andy got happy enough with the software, the package was then sent to I5PPE in order to try the first bilateral QSO.
Finally on the 23rd of October 2004 the QSO was fully accomplished exchanging not only the callsign and reports but also the
QRA locator (10M!) on both ways.
Hell Writing was already known and utilized during World War II on short wave bands, but it has never been utilized for Moonbouncing purposes.
>From a technical perspective it could be considered somewhat the opposite of the new JT method which is striving for always lower detection thresholds.
Certainly mid-high class stations in this type of traffic are needed, but not necessarily equipped with extreme high tx power, rather equipped with well debugged and optimized preamp, receiver, antenna systems and the always evolving DSP software packages (such as Spectran as utilized in this case).
Perhaps this event could be considered a one-case only.
We don't necessarily expect that this could be triggering a new way to operate EME.
Surely it has been very intriguing to see the characters painting on the computer-s waterfall screen and hear such unusual noises coming from the moon whose really gave the impression and feeling about the 'space depth'.
Here you can see a powerpoint
presentation with few slides about this experience and event, it is unfortunately a 6Mb heavy document.



73 Vico I4ZAU