SUBJECT List of papers C5

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 Committee: C5 Paper number: CT08_C5_02v4

 Author: Don Beattie, G3BJ



CT08_C5_ 01 Secretary Agenda

CT08_C5_ 02 Secretary List of papers  (this one)

CT08_C5_ 03 IARU Sat Advisor Support for satellite frequency coordination

CT08_C5_ 04 VHF Committee Scoring of VHF contests

CT08_C5_ 05 DARC Digital Voice on 2m

CT08_C5_ 06 EDR Change of narrow 434 MHz repeater spacing

CT08_C5_ 07 EDR Frequencies for digital voice communication

CT08_C5_ 08 EDR Frequencies for internet voice gateways

CT08_C5_ 09 EDR Guidelines for APRS
CT08_C5_ 10 EDR How can we improve contesting activity

CT08_C5_ 11 EDR Operating a remote controlled VUHF station

CT08_C5_ 12 EDR QSO procedure for airplane reflections
CT08_C5_ 13 RSGB 23cm narrowband image and data

CT08_C5_ 14 RSGB 70MHz band in IARU
CT08_C5_ 15 RSGB 144 MHZ EME and FAI usage

CT08_C5_ 16 RSGB 144 MHz increased satellite service

CT08_C5_ 17 RSGB 3400 MHz amateur satellite allocation
CT08_C5_ 18 RSGB 3400 EME developments

CT08_C5_ 19 RSGB A new vision for 23 cm

CT08_C5_ 20 RSGB Amateur satellites handbook chapter

CT08_C5_ 21 RSGB Beacon definition

CT08_C5_ 22 RSGB EME 144.000 -144.035

CT08_C5_ 23 RSGB FSK 441 144.160-144.180

CT08_C5_ 24 RSGB GB3RAL low VHF multiband beacon

CT08_C5_ 25 RSGB Microwave beacon bands

CT08_C5_ 26 RSGB Microwave spectrum requirements

CT08_C5_ 27 RSGB VHF spectrum requirements

CT08_C5_ 28 RSGB Weak signal reflection procedure

CT08_C5_ 29 SARA Contest logs

CT08_C5_ 30 UBA Exchanging ATV Contest Logs

CT08_C5_ 31 SRAL APRS frequency in 435 MHz band

CT08_C5_ 32 UBA Electronic Logsheet for ATV contests

CT08_C5_ 33 NRRL Common standards for APRS

CT08_C5_ 36 RSGB Beacon coordination

CT08_C5_ 37 C5 Amateur Satellite Service Spectrum  

CT08_C5_ 38 C5 Contest section of VHF Managers Handbook

CT08_C5_ 39 REF Contest rules/procedures (LATE PAPER)

CT08_C5_ 40 REF Narrow frequency band on 2 m for an automatic  reporting beacons network

CT08_C5_ 41 NRRL RSQ & MOS signal quality reporting

CT08_C5_42  IARU Satellite Coordinators Report

CT08_C5_43  IARU DX Record Keeper Report


CT08_C5_02v4 List of papers Committee C5