--- Původní zpráva ---
Datum: 7/1/2005
Od: "Robin Lucas" <robin.lucas@ntlworld.com>
Předmět: IN79 and IN95 squares

Dear OM
I have checked the MWS list, and I see that most of you want IN79, IN95, or both.
I plan to activate IN79 on MS during the week of the Perseids shower using a special callsign - GB2LD at The Marconi Museum, The Lizard, Cornwall.

I will also be QRV from IN95 square during July 2005 using my French callsign - F1VJQ

I have some webpages with the details at http://www.g8apz.org.uk  which I invite you to look at.

Also, if anyone has the email address for DL0UL, DL1SUZ, DL8EBW, HA3UU, S53J, or SP7OGP please let me have it, so that I can send this email to them also.

Robin -
G8APZ (JO01)
F1VJQ (IN95)
GB2LD (IN79)