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Od: Marshall-K5QE <k5qe@k5qe.com>
Datum: 9. 6. 2023 19:13:01
Předmět: Working K5QE in the ARRL June VHF contest...

Hello EME ops.  This year, the ARRL June VHF Contest will be held June 10th and 11th,  with 3 hours on the 12th(Monday).  EU contests do not allow EME, but the ARRL contests do.  EME is a nice portion of our scores, so we value every EME contact that we can get.  We need to work as many EME stations as possible to increase our grid count.  Please help us with this event by working us on JT65b, Q65, or CW.  Thank you very much.

The contest begins at 1800Z on Saturday(June 10th) and ends at 0300Z on Monday.  Our moonrise on Sunday the 11th is at 0715Z(2:15AM local).  That is an awful time for us, but a fairly civilized time for the EU.  That pass continues until 1200Z.  

We will have stations on 2M, 432 AND our newest band, 1296.  

Current station details:

For 2M, 8 x 2M18XXX with the special EME elements and 1500W.  We will operate JT65b on 144.142 as usual on second sequence and watch the N0UK EME-1 chat.

For 432, we have 16 x 28el H-pol and 650W.  We will operate Q65-60b CFOM on 432.080 second seq and watch the HB9Q 432 page.

For 1296, we have a 4.5M dish and 400W.  We will operate Q65-60C
CFOM on 1296.085 second sequence and watch the HB9Q 1296 chat page.  

NOTE:  If you want something else(i.e. CW) on 432 or 1296, just ask us on the appropriate chat page.  I am not a great CW operator, so keep the speed down and try not to run me over.  Hopefully, I can get the doppler corrections right.

When the moon is towards the western end of our pass, we will be on the lookout for our JA, VK, and ZL friends.

Thanks a lot for helping us in our contest.  We really do appreciate it.

73 Marshall K5QE
East Texas, USA