At 16:58 2007-12-09 , DF2ZC wrote:

Hello All,

Triggered by Peter SM2CEW's tries to complete a QSO by using the ISS as  a reflector Frank DH7FB and I decided to try that as well.
From Peter's experience (and also Frank's when SWLing Peter's tries) we believed it  would be worthwile considering BPSK63 as this
would enable us to exchange all information within few seconds only (using the EME report and QSO rules).

However with the first tries on 8 December we quickly had to realise the amazingly quickly changing large doppler makes use of this
mode impossible and we returned back to good old CW since this is also copyable at such a situation when you are not 100% tuned
on the signal.

The second try today Sunday 9 December at ISS orbit 51845 starting with a common window at 1626Z we copied signals at elevations
of  20 degrees and within a minute exchanged all data. Signal reports were about S3...S5 (DF2ZC running only 300 watts out). It was a
tough task  to follow the quick doppler changes and also adjust elevation and azimuth rotators. Two hands is at least one too few...

That was a thrill! And now we are celebrating...

And we will try more QSOs the coming days.

btw gives a nice live google earth graphics display of ISS and other satellites.

vy 73 Bernd DF2ZC (JO30RN)