3cm EXPEDITION into JN63GN, 1600m ASL - 26th July 2008

Hello Matej,

On Saturday 26th July me and Cesare, I6XCK will be available in JN63GN at 1600m ASL from MONTE NERONE at 09.00 UTC for tests on 10GHz and 24GHz [ http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Nerone ].


10 GHz - 1 or 1,4m dish + 10 W

24 GHz - 60cm dish + 0,6 W

We'll be not QRV 2m but we'll be on ON4KST chat or you can send us SMS on GSM number:  00393 332 939 330

I hope to make contact with you.

73 de IW6CVN