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Dear VHF EME Friends,

Some of our UHF friends have been chiding us for not including unknown signal reports in most of our JT65 QSOs on 6 and 2 meters. True, we almost always exchange grid locators, which is not generally done in UHF CW QSOs; but it can be argued that the grid locators may not be truly unknown, any more than the content of an "OOO" report is unknown. (What *is* unknown to the other station, of course, is whether you have copied both calls yet, or not. Sending "OOO" or "RO" signifies that you have.)

Of course, I know that the customs of VHF EME are slightly different from those of UHF EME. I have tried to make JT65 compatible with conventions used in both communities, as much as possible. Let me draw your attention to the fact that JT65 supports the transmission and reception of numerical signal reports in dB, as in the following QSO:

1. CQ VK7MO QE37
2.                                 VK7MO K1JT FN20
3. K1JT VK7MO -24
4.                                 VK7MO K1JT R-22
5. RRR
6.                                     73

In WSJT v 4.9.5, messages 3 and 4 will be decoded by the fully general Reed Solomon decoder. They will not, however, benefit from the extra sensitivity of what I have called the "deep search" decoder. If there is any enthusiasm for having this capability, I will add it to the deep search decoder in a subsequent program release.

Your input on this and any other aspect of JT65 will be much appreciated -- either off-list or, if you think your comments will be of general interest, here on Moon-Net.

Comments and suggestions from UHF EME stations are especially welcome. Since I am not QRV for EME on 432 and above, I do not always know what improvements are most needed there.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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