Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 13:52:02 -0700
From: "WARD,AL" <
Subject: [Moon-net] KH7X 23 and 13 cm operation
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Hello EMEers

Bruce K0YW and all of the 23 cm and 13 cm equipment have arrived safely in Hawaii. Bruce has the dish mounted and is working some issues with the feed support arms not being strong enough to support the larger 1296 feed but he does have a solution. Bruce is also battling periodic rain showers and gusty wind on the northern side of the island. His grid square is BL01xp.

He will NOT be operational for his original April 19th schedules. Operation will commence on April 20 with skeds starting at 0630Z. At this moment, I am not sure if he will be on for North America earlier in the day on the 20th . I am not sure of WA6PY sked at 0100Z on the 20th yet.

He does have some tree problems to the east but a clear shot down to the horizon to the west. It is possible that Bruce may be able to clear the trees by about 10 to 15 degrees to the east but that is not known yet. So the big European stations may be able to muscle through his trees or look at possibly working him on his setting moon.

Those having schedules on April 20th and later will remain unchanged for now. If you had a schedule on April 19th or are interested in a schedule, please email Joe at

When KH7X does become operational, it would be a tremendous benefit to the European operators if the North American hams who want to work KH7X on random, refrain from calling Bruce while the moon is still visible for western Europe. Because of the limited common moon time between KH6 and Europe, their chance of working Bruce will be easier if they don't have to compete with the folks in North America. North America will have plenty of moon time.

We must be patient as there were lots of unknowns in this expedition but there is an excellent chance that it will be a great success.

Thanks and good luck

73 de Al W5LUA


From: 2007-04-19
     To: 2007-04-27

Bruce Clark, K0YW, with the support of the OAHU Contest Club, K5GW with Texas Towers, W5LUA, K5JL, WD5AGO, WA5WCP, K1RQG, and many others will be putting KH6 on Microwave EME for the first time.

The Expedition Dates are: 19 April thru 28 April, 2007. The location is the contest station of Alex Benton, KH6YY, near Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii.Grid: BL11CG. The operation will commence on April 19, 2007 at local Moonrise on 23 cm (1296 MHz). The Call will be KH7X. Operation will be CW, with a few shifts to SSB when signal strengths warrant. No digital operation will be done. Operation will also take place on 13 cm.

Skeds are being accepted and coordinated via Joe Demaso, K1RQG. and QSL's will be handled by N2PF.

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