OK2KKW - who these people are:

ok2kkw 2000

OK1RK -  David Klimosz > our best operator, sad to say - SK

OK1DIX - (N1GA) - Ladislav Valenta  > chief operator

OK1TEH - Matěj Petržílka > VHF/UHF DX operator

OK1KN -  Jarek Klimosz  > most experienced on uW

OK1VPZ - Vladimír Petržílka  > chief technician

OK1DYX - Marie Valentová > brilliant contest support

OK1DAQ - Ivan Frantík > man into foul weather (not on pic)

OK1XNG - Václav Vávra > technician

OK1BAF - Honza Chlistovský  > our 2m QRO guru

OK1JFR - Jirka Fridrich > comrade for bad weather

...and time to time  as well as other operators, friends of "KILO KILO WATTS", good team, VHF operation and a beer mug.

Visit us - we will invite all decent guys, particularly if you are interested in VHF, microwaves, EME and MS.

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