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Odesláno: 18. února 2007 18:35
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Předmět: [Moon] 8N1EME Project BIG-DISH


Hi all;

8N1EME began test transmission on 18 Feb., first 144 and 432 MHz, 500 watts output each. 
1296 HPA installation to the dish pedestal is delayed, but the antenna feed was already put on
to the main reflector.   SWR analysis showed very good on each band.   Antenna is still fixed
upward, so no moon echo was detected.
KDDI technicians request us to reduce (or totally erase) the harmonics; for example, 9th
harmonics from Henry 2006A (3CX800A7) which falls into the C-band, 3888 MHz (wow!).
Their C-band receiver with the same antenna in the same shack, detected this harmonics, naturally. 
1296 may be a problem; only the 3rd harmonics comes into the C-band.  We install a quater-wl
BPF with variable link-coupling (resembles that of N6CA) with -44 dB at 2nd harmonics,
and -34 dB at 3rd.  But still they might detect our harmonics with certain high level.
The harmonics supression of less than - 60 dBc suppression seems to be tolally insufficientl!
Is there anyone who tried notch or filter with some 90 dB or more suppression for 500 watts?
We will have the station investigation by the telecom officials on 23 Feb. afternoon, and if passed,
we can contact you off the moon, from (perhaps) 07 or 08Z to the moon-set of 25 Feb. 
For the up-dated details, see our web.